Monday, September 28, 2009

New Companion.....and changes galore!

Last Monday in September

We heard from Elder Guthrie today, but unfortunately he wasn't able to communicate with us for very long. He has gone through a lot of changes this past week and is feeling a little anxious...but I know he will be fine! Here's what he had to say in the 3 emails he sent today:

This computer isn't the fastest computer in all of the world, but I hope you got my last email. My companion left yesterday, he gave his farewell speech in sacrament and had to leave immediately afterward. My new companion should arrive sometime tomorrow, (Elder Gonzolez from Salt Lake). No new baptisms. I hope I'll get along with my new companion. They opened a new area next to mine so there will be two other missionaries in my house, three of us Americans. The truth I really don't like that there will be more people living in the same house. A house with 4 is hectic all the time, but oh well. Sorry we couldn't chat. Next week it should be back to normal with email. Even if you're there I dont know if I'll be able to get anything back in time to respond with this email service chafa!!!!

The truth is I'm pretty nervous about the changes, I don't know any of the missionaries that will be moving into the house, and there is alot of new faces in the zone, there was quite a lot of changes this time around. But I'm happy about staying in my area. I'll be the one that needs to know how to get places for a while! Yeah, it's gonna be strange for a while, but in about a week things will start settling down. I'll keep sending these emails until I have to go or I get a response.

I won't be sending pics this week by the way, don't have my camera with me, so, sorry. I'll make an extra effort to send pics next week, but I have to tell you I don't know a whole lot about how email is going to go from now on. I don't know when my new senior companion will want to send email, it could be in the morning like usual or later in the day, so, sorry. Although I'm sad to see Elder Motolinia leave, I'm happy he gotten to go home, and with somebody who speaks both Spanish and English, I'll be able to learn the language faster. This will probably be my last email today, sorry for the wacky way it happened. I'll try to find more time next week and get back to normal. But the most important thing is that I LOVE YOU ALL, especially Jake. I hope GMA is getting better every day. I Love you ALL, Hasta la proxima semana......

Btw...The date on the picture is not right. It was actually taken about 2 years ago, if my recollection is correct.

Monday, September 7, 2009

YEP, I am gonna cry!!!!

You will never believe it, but I think I missed Elder Guthrie by about 7 MINUTES today. He came online quite early...go figure!
Here's what's happened in his world this week....

Here's the actual cut/paste from Elder Guthrie's post this week. Can you tell he was a little annoyed that we weren't here on our end? I know, he should be. I feel bad enough about it without you telling me!
BTW.....he REALLY wants Strengthened by the Storm, Uncle Joel. I am about to send him my copy, but I am just too worried that it will get is one of the first editions, signed and everything. Anyway, any of Uncle Joel's crowd see this just give a little reminder to Pres Hancock. Thanks
Here's Jordy...

Nice to have info, tell Mike congratulations, filicidades
This is getting kind of boring, nobody to talk to and all, probably to town shopping or something. Hows gma doing, is she feeling better? I hope i get a response soon or this will be the most boring email session ever. Get tanner to send me some in-depth football news about the panthers. And any other kind of news that is out. I got 2 packages on Tuesday, the one with the gam and the book i wanted, very good work people

That Wars of the Jews book i got, but still waiting on Strengthened by the Storm, i want my comps to sign it.

Well im on a little early today, hope that doesn't cause problems. We had a baptism on saturday, Juan Carlos was his name, about 30 years old.... My companion baptized him himself, the first ever for him, and i did the confirmation on sunday, yeh in spanish and everything. I was a little nervous about that.
Missionaries don't like to baptize people, it is better for members to do it.

I would send pictures but i left the camera at the house, and im scared to send pictures again. The last two times i sent pictures the memory card was unusable again. Ill try it again next week but i may be without memory cards afterwards. So hows things going down in Htown? Any news, anything would be good. Oh yeah i just got the package with the last edition of the Gam, thats kindof sad, i was looking forward to doing those word puzzles at cubbies again. Oh well, we´ll just have to buy a book with puzzles in it.
I love you too, well CHAT next week, until then, I LOVE YOU AND BYE

Labor Day in the USA!

Monday, September 7, 2009
Waiting to hear from Elder Guthrie....will update when I do.