Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Path We Follow

Elder Guthrie,
I am having so much fun looking at old videos Uncle Joel posts. I think you will enjoy this one. Look at the is the one thing that has not changed with the passage of time.
I love you,
Be obedient,

Friday, January 29, 2010

Elder Guthrie
I thought you might like a look at Papa...he chased you and Katie just like this...remember?
I love you....and I am thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that allows us to have time like this to look forward to again one day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cookie Theif Strikes in Mexico

Here's what Elder Guthrie has been up to this week....enjoy

Well, a pretty boring week in ole Mexico, not much has happened if you ask me. We went to Guanajuato for a baptism and we ended up not having enough baptismal clothes. Since it was a baptism for the other elders, I volunteered to give my shirt to Elder Mouritsen so he could see the baptism (he gave his shirt to be worn by the person being baptized). My nametag was being used to hold up the pants of the guy because the pants were too big. I just felt a little used if you ask me!
We had to leave to Guanajuato at six, I have to admit it is REALLY cool there. You’re just riding along looking up the mountains, I went on a division with Elder Buxton about a block away and it took nearly 30 minutes to get there! It’s like walking up a mountain to get to the next house. The roof of one house it level to the basement of their neighbors. When we got back I just waited until the baptism was done in the bathroom reading La Cosecha (Mission News). We were supposed to baptize two kids this week but they never showed up. To make matters worse, out of the 15 people that were supposed to go to the church with us, only 2 DID.
Changes are in a week, but we had an interview with Pres. Cox this week. In the interview he told my companion to start letting me make decisions and such, because after this next change, he is going to promote me. Not sure what more crazy ideas he has in his head. But, supuestamente ill be sinior comp after this next upcoming change. I’ll try my hardest to talk him out of it: Maybe walk on his grass, pee on the outside of his house, steal his cookies.......oh, yeah, I already did that! We were all at his house for interveiws, 2 zones (about 40 or mas) and Elder Mouritsen goes "Let’s go steal some cookies" (the assistants were in there making cookies for the interviews). So we were in there joking and eating cookies, Mourithammer already ate like three, so I decided "one can’t hurt". About the time I took the first bite Sis. Cox walks in, and I’m the only one with a cookie in my hand at the time...........and so forth. When we were walking out of the kitchen Mouritshite starts stuffing himself with the 5 or six cookies he stole from the kitchen......and that’s the story of how I’m the worst cookie thief in the mission!
We have a possibility of 8 baptisms this upcoming week, 10 baptisms gets you cookies anyway, so I’ll just give one back and we´ll be even.
That’s about all the cool stuff that happened this week......Sorry for not sending more pics this week.

Until next week.......PEACE


Monday, January 18, 2010

McGyver Strikes Again!

Here's Elder Guthrie's correspondence from today, Jan 18, 2010, completely unedited. I didn't even correct his spelling...

Sometimes baptisms just dont work out........

We were supposed to have a baptism on friday, when we went to her house to pick her up, they told us she wasnt we went looking for her at work and she said she would get of about 6. When we went to the church to start filling up the water, it started hailing, so i found a wrench and dissasembled the faunt and put it in the car port of the church. it took about two hours or so..... it was COLD, and me and cottonballs (Elder De la Rosa) went looking for her, she told us to wait outside for her, we did, for two hours or something, when we went to look for her again they told up she already left, so we didnt have that baptism that night. We went back to her house a few times and they always told us she wasnt there, the last time was night, and they told us she wasnt there again, just when some gay guy came and screamed, JULIE(her name)........JULIE.........JULIE, YOU OWE ME MONEY.......and then he broke in and found her in the house, they told him she was talking on the phone with her husband in the US, so we each said that we would wait outside until she got done, we said we were not leaving. They eventally came out with 50 pesos for the gay guy and he eventually left after he told us that she had been hiding from him too. After about an hour, we saw her(from outside the house) go toward the back of the house. A few moments later her kids came and told up that their mother went out the back. They let my comp it because he had to pee, and we found out that there is no back door, she used an old mattres to scale the wall, and jump to the other side of the street, we asked a bunch of druggies on the other side if they saw her do it, and they started laughing and said that she did, my companion called our zone leader and told him that she isnt exactly a shure anymore. The moral of this story is that sometimes all you have to do is say no, instead of jumping over a 10 foot wall. And she isnt a small woman. You can tell that one to the ward for an emotional story........

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Do Mormons Believe?

Jordy, Michael says your blog is boring....imagine that, Michael Dean insulting someone!
Seriously though, Elder Guthrie, you need to share more with your poor mama about what you are doing from day to day. I know you are busy serving the Lord, but just try a little harder to include at least one "share-able" story each week.
In the mean time, just in case Michael visits, here's something he might enjoy. BTW, I got a "100". See how you do!
Take this quiz, "What Do Mormons Believe"

Remember Jordy, Mama loves you and STAY SAFE!