Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Present Ever!

On Christmas day we talked to Elder Guthrie and he sounded great. Everyone said he would sound different.....but not really. He still sounds like a good old-fashioned Island boy, except for the occasional pause whilst trying to remember the English translation for certain words!
The number we called was a member's house and it was neat to hear him conversing with his new Mexican friends. Needless to say, we were all very impressed with our bilingual missionary.
He and his companion, Elder Ray from California, are having great success. He had a baptism last week and one planned for each of the next 2 weeks, so he was feeling upbeat about that.
If I see you in person you'd better run if you don't want to hear about his "McGyver" actions......let's just say 4 missionaries in Mexico once again have water again thanks to Jordy. He is his Papa's (and his daddy's) boy!
Can you tell we are mighty proud?
Jordy sends you all his love and best wishes for the New Year.
Again, thanks for all your prayers and support.
mm to Elder Jordan Lane Guthrie
Leon, Mexico 3/09-3/11

Monday, December 21, 2009

Just For Christmas.....or 2 Years?

Another MM (Missionary Mom) shared this poem with me. I hope you enjoy it...
This Year for Christmas

I skipped the sales after Thanksgiving.

The thrill just wasn't there.

No pictures taken with Santa Clause,

my decorating has no flair.

His presents are shoes, shirts, and ties,

two suits and fun.

I've bought him all white clothes because...

This year I'm giving Christ my son.

I've spent more time in the temple,

Felt strength come from His words.

I've reread November's Ensign,

and my testimony stirred.

Our family prays more frequently

My tears are quick to run.

Abraham seems closer because,

This year I'm giving Christ my son.

I wonder how those Lamanite mothers,

gave their sons to war?

Or how the pioneers chose Zion ,

their sacrifice was so much more.

My loss will be his presence,

I'll miss his smile a ton

For two years we will pray for him,

I'm giving Christ my son.

I stare at his face when he's not looking.

I memorize his eyes, their shine.

He's always hungered for the part of him,

that makes his soul divine.

The stories and lessons he always heard,

His choice and mine are one.

I'll put my faith in God's hand,

This year, I'm giving Him my son.

Past gifts have lost their glitter,

I think I finally understand

Christ's birth should be celebrated

by giving Him a hand.

It's because I know Christ lives and reigns

that all his packing's done.

My gift has taken years to make,

This year... I'm giving Christ my son

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jordy Sounds Great!

Since Elder Guthrie has been in Mexico I think he may have had some challenging companions. He never tells me much, and is really good at simply avoiding questions he does not want to answer (no matter how many times I ask). When Jordy first got his call to Mexico, several people told him that it would not be an easy mission and mentioned that the work ethic of some of the native Mexican missionaries would be a challenge. Turns out that is probably a true statement. Like I said, Elder Guthrie keeps a lot to himself (he knows his mama worries).
However, from what little I can piece together, he has had a few companions that have been less than 100 percent obedient. Fortunately though, right now he has a really great situation and sounded the best ever since being in Mexico. Here are some of his this week's emails......

ELder Guthrie says....

Well, Ive got some new information about the situation here in Siloa. Sorry I can't chat with you today, this computer is too slow for things like that. So I'll send you info this way. 1, Elder Ray is cool, we worked really hard this week and had alot of sucess, Ithink we will baptise alot together, and 2, Elder Conde got special changes and they sent Elder Mouritsen here to Siloa, that's right, my old MTC companion is here living with us, and I have to admit, it is really fun.

Tell everyone I said hello and Merry Christmas and I miss everyone, especially Jake. Tell Gma I am praying for her and I hope her shoulder is feeling better soon. Tell her I love her.

Tell Tanner good job on the talk.....Tell him if he talks about me it is bound to be a winner!

Tell everyone Merry Christmas and I love you all.
Elder Jordan Guthrie

PS......I am sending you a pic that I just received....can you find me?
dont have any idea about them, i do know that we will be able to talk with a 5 minute phone call, or email before the day to set things up, but as i understand it, you will be the one calling to a number, (probably a member), so they don't have to pay. But enough about that, what's happening in ole HI¿?

elders policarpo and conde got special changes, and BO is with my old comp.
Ive opened some boxes, some candy, some cards, ...... thanks for the 50 bucks btw. The card was nice, I'll look in the oatmeal box tonight. I'm saving some boxes for cmas, to make it feel a little more special. YOUR TURN, what's happening home, katie, dad..... gma...... pf.

Tell gma im still praying for her, and what kind of net are you hanging in the yard? Ocean mullet net perhaps?

Why don't you send me a card with Jake sitting beside the tree with perfect lighting and such. It would be wondermous, I'd also like a family pic and such, or so on and so forth.

the fudge was good, everyone liked it

Ja ja ja, thats funny, tell him im doin alright, and even having fun right now with a cool companion and my old comp here, it's really kind of fun, I sent josh an email, but I;m not sure if its his or not(email adress) when you see him again, ask him if he got my email, if not, tell him to send me one so I can email back.....
ok, i have to go, I'll keep care of my card, until next week, I love you and will be thinking about youáll, love you forever, bye

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Well, after waiting ALL DAY yesterday for Elder Guthrie.....seriously, I went to bed after midnight just HOPING for him to come online.....I finally heard from him today.

Here is his post:

Ok, so I'm in Siloa 1, there are only 4 missionaries in the city, so we have half of the city to ourselves,. My companion is named Elder Policarpo from the city of Mexico, he has 6 months in the mission, cool eh, I have more. The last picture is of him, sorry I don't have a better one. The house is pretty cool, mas o menus, it's a small city and we have to get on a bus to Leon every Monday to district meeting. a little different from popular eh¡? We woke up at 5 this morning to get to Leon at 8, que chafa. Supposedly the elders that were here before were very dead in mission terms, they did nothing, so they whitewashed the area, we're both new in the area and we don't know anyone, where they live...... They didn't even leave us any investigators!

He sounds great and sent lots of pics. I told you he was skinny, now see for yourself!
Here they are for you to enjoy!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Transferred to Silao, Mexico

Well, just as Elder Guthrie suspected....He has been transferred to a new area. I was waiting to hear from him today and when he didn't come online when he usually does I began to wonder if he had indeed been transferred. Just now I received an email from his old companion, Elder Adan Gonzalez, who confirmed that Jordy has indeed been transferred and had asked him to send me a quick email telling me he would write when he gets a chance...and not to worry. He said Elder Guthrie is doing great.
So, that is the latest. I am destined to sit here and stare at this computer until I hear from Elder Guthrie. I sure hope it is soon! are some pictures from last week. The table is from Mexico's recent celebration called "Day of the Dead" where they set up memorials to their dead. Jordy described it as being "pretty neat".
Sorry no postings lately, but I will work on that!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A New Companion!

"Chatted" with Elder Guthrie for just a little while today. He has a new companion and he did not want to keep him waiting. They were going to The Center, which I understand is the center of town, where they go window shopping, etc.
He really missed his old companion, but I guess he has to get used to change.
There are now 4 of them living in his house, which he says is hard to get used to also. All in all, he still sounds good and is staying busy. They are lucky enough to have lots of referrals, which is definately a good thing!
I have included a couple of pictures...there were no explanations though, so good luck with that!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Companion.....and changes galore!

Last Monday in September

We heard from Elder Guthrie today, but unfortunately he wasn't able to communicate with us for very long. He has gone through a lot of changes this past week and is feeling a little anxious...but I know he will be fine! Here's what he had to say in the 3 emails he sent today:

This computer isn't the fastest computer in all of the world, but I hope you got my last email. My companion left yesterday, he gave his farewell speech in sacrament and had to leave immediately afterward. My new companion should arrive sometime tomorrow, (Elder Gonzolez from Salt Lake). No new baptisms. I hope I'll get along with my new companion. They opened a new area next to mine so there will be two other missionaries in my house, three of us Americans. The truth I really don't like that there will be more people living in the same house. A house with 4 is hectic all the time, but oh well. Sorry we couldn't chat. Next week it should be back to normal with email. Even if you're there I dont know if I'll be able to get anything back in time to respond with this email service chafa!!!!

The truth is I'm pretty nervous about the changes, I don't know any of the missionaries that will be moving into the house, and there is alot of new faces in the zone, there was quite a lot of changes this time around. But I'm happy about staying in my area. I'll be the one that needs to know how to get places for a while! Yeah, it's gonna be strange for a while, but in about a week things will start settling down. I'll keep sending these emails until I have to go or I get a response.

I won't be sending pics this week by the way, don't have my camera with me, so, sorry. I'll make an extra effort to send pics next week, but I have to tell you I don't know a whole lot about how email is going to go from now on. I don't know when my new senior companion will want to send email, it could be in the morning like usual or later in the day, so, sorry. Although I'm sad to see Elder Motolinia leave, I'm happy he gotten to go home, and with somebody who speaks both Spanish and English, I'll be able to learn the language faster. This will probably be my last email today, sorry for the wacky way it happened. I'll try to find more time next week and get back to normal. But the most important thing is that I LOVE YOU ALL, especially Jake. I hope GMA is getting better every day. I Love you ALL, Hasta la proxima semana......

Btw...The date on the picture is not right. It was actually taken about 2 years ago, if my recollection is correct.

Monday, September 7, 2009

YEP, I am gonna cry!!!!

You will never believe it, but I think I missed Elder Guthrie by about 7 MINUTES today. He came online quite early...go figure!
Here's what's happened in his world this week....

Here's the actual cut/paste from Elder Guthrie's post this week. Can you tell he was a little annoyed that we weren't here on our end? I know, he should be. I feel bad enough about it without you telling me!
BTW.....he REALLY wants Strengthened by the Storm, Uncle Joel. I am about to send him my copy, but I am just too worried that it will get is one of the first editions, signed and everything. Anyway, any of Uncle Joel's crowd see this just give a little reminder to Pres Hancock. Thanks
Here's Jordy...

Nice to have info, tell Mike congratulations, filicidades
This is getting kind of boring, nobody to talk to and all, probably to town shopping or something. Hows gma doing, is she feeling better? I hope i get a response soon or this will be the most boring email session ever. Get tanner to send me some in-depth football news about the panthers. And any other kind of news that is out. I got 2 packages on Tuesday, the one with the gam and the book i wanted, very good work people

That Wars of the Jews book i got, but still waiting on Strengthened by the Storm, i want my comps to sign it.

Well im on a little early today, hope that doesn't cause problems. We had a baptism on saturday, Juan Carlos was his name, about 30 years old.... My companion baptized him himself, the first ever for him, and i did the confirmation on sunday, yeh in spanish and everything. I was a little nervous about that.
Missionaries don't like to baptize people, it is better for members to do it.

I would send pictures but i left the camera at the house, and im scared to send pictures again. The last two times i sent pictures the memory card was unusable again. Ill try it again next week but i may be without memory cards afterwards. So hows things going down in Htown? Any news, anything would be good. Oh yeah i just got the package with the last edition of the Gam, thats kindof sad, i was looking forward to doing those word puzzles at cubbies again. Oh well, we´ll just have to buy a book with puzzles in it.
I love you too, well CHAT next week, until then, I LOVE YOU AND BYE

Labor Day in the USA!

Monday, September 7, 2009
Waiting to hear from Elder Guthrie....will update when I do.

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Birthday Present for Papa

Monday, August 31

Sorry I took so long to write today, went to Sam's Club with some other elders and bought some stuff. Used my business member card, wooo. I also went to Sears and looked at belts. I'm gonna have to buy a new one soon, been cutting holes in my old one, cut two new holes already and it's loose again. Tried on a 36 belt and it fit pretty good but didn't like the color and it was the only 36 in the store.

No weather exitement, we had alot of rain today though.
Lookin forward to the newspapers, and pants, I straight up lost one pair of pants... And the other two that I wear all the time are getting a little worn looking, after only two months and change in Mexico.

So let me tell you a story about a woman named Esmiralda. We knocked on her door, taught her, bought her to church, to a baptism in another ward, she prayed and received an answer. But one day we went to her house and she didn't want to listen anymore. It was really bad, we had to drop her. But that same bad day we met Juan Carlos. He actually contacted us, he wanted to know what we do since he sees us in the street all day. A long story short, he will be baptised on the 8th of September. If you're counting that makes 12!!!! We have other investigators but that's all I have to say about that.

Jordy's mama writing here.....
SO, for those who may not know....Sept 8th is Papa's birthday. I can't think of anything he would like better than to see Jordy Boy....Elder Jordan Guthrie, and Juan Carlos enter the waters of baptism. Happy birthday, Papa. Give Charlie a great big kiss from his mama!
Have a GREAT week, Elder Guthrie

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not Bragging, But #1 in the World!!!!!!

August 25th

Necicita ser mas rapido con email por favor. Yep, whats up?

Where is everybody, remember reguarly ill be sending in the morning again. This really is no fun without back and forth. Ive got an idea, before every monday send an email of questions so ill have something to respond to, im really running out of ideas here. All in all the language is coming along, slowly, i can understand most everything, understand spanish scriptures,.... Still cant say a whole lot, i can teach but not much more. Yep, just the same ole thing, but id like to hear whats happening in ole HI, new people, anything.
Guess what, i gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday, and yes, i was nervous. My first talk in mex, about missionary work and the importance of faith in missionary work. We had one more baptism this week, his name is Rafael, 14yo, we had been trying to get him baptised before i left for satelite, but the job is done now.
We actually have 3 more fechas(baptismal dates), a catholic woman who STUDIES the bible, she prayes and really received and answer, her date is for 4th of september
I'm trying to send some pictures on another email. hope it works.
So whats up in ole HI, is katie in class now, did you buy her a new computer, is she using mine? What has she said about her classes?
I enjoyed my latest batch of mail, about a month old sure, but its nice to have, no new packages yet.

Not really many mosquitos where im at, to water!!! Yeh its actually not very hot here right now. Cold in the morning.
Yeh, i can see moutains all the time, its really desert here, cactus and all, again ill try to take some more pictures this week and send them to you.
By the way i just found my mission blog and posted my first post on it, kind of cool if you ask me. Pictures and all.
Do you have pictures, i love showing pictures of fishing to people, next time you go get tanner to take the camera, i mean he really doesn't have a good track record with electronics on the boat, but deenas camera is waterproof!!!

Elder Christensen's talk was good, had a translator and all, not elder bednars though. By the way WE WILL PROBABLY BE #1 MISSION IN ALL THE WORLD THIS MONTH, hard to beat ha ha ha...

Yeh i have to wear a belt with all my shorts and stuff now, my coat can just about wrap around twice, probably gonna have to buy a new one, by the way look into sending my suit I sent home back to me, it was smaller and all, may be able to use that one for a while.
Been getting a few cards from them, and yes ive got a few 10s, that's 120 pesos, you can buy a car and 3 houses for that, tell Uncle Paul thanks.
Im not worried about my teams, im sure they'll pull through, and trust in your president.
They have hamburgers and hot dogs, actually i had hot dogs yesterday, but not very often, there are no chimichangas here, thats mex-american food, and yes, its a little different here. They really like tomatos, i HATE tomatos.
Well, this will probably be my last one, i just want to tell everybody that i love you, and we'll talk next week. Especially Jake. Yep, another week in ole mex. I love you all very much, tell Gma i love her and pray for her every night. Bye

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Not what you are thinking, not Home sweet home, but Mexican Home Sweet Home. Sorry for not posting last week, but as many of you know, Jordy's Grandma Drexell had surgery and the past few days/weeks have been a bit of a blur. Not to mention that Jordy's sister, Katie, started UNCW this week too. Excuses, excuses I know, but there has been a LOT going on lately!
Meanwhile, my Mexican missionary has had a few really busy weeks as well. Due to a problem with another missionary who President Cox wanted to be assigned with Elder Guthrie's companion, Jordy was moved to another town not too far away from Popular. It was all kind of sudden, with Jordy not even being able to tell many of the special members and investigators he had met good-bye. Apparently the problem missionary had either more severe problems than Jordy disclosed, or he made an amazing turn-around, because you will see from this week's posts that he is now back in his first area again. (Which is now also his 3rd and 1st area....anyone confused?)

Here is Elder Jordan Guthrie's posts from Aug 17, 2009, enjoy!

Hola, well i am here

Actually i have news, changes were sunday and were were told i would be staying in satelite for at least 6 more weeks, but when we went yesterday to leon to see Elder Christopherson i got more news, im actually back in my old area with my old companion, was a surprise. But yep, back in the ole breeding grounds again, ill be his last companion. He goes home 28 de september. I like pupular better so its all good with me.

Yep, 2 weeks in satelite and im back in popular, home sweet home

Esta bien. Well as you know we went yesterday to see elder christopherson, it was cool, all the missionaries in the mission was there, i saw all my old zone members again. We had a translator so we could understand everything, i could probably understand but didnt want to take the chance. (Elder christopherson speaks spanish) It took all day, and i spent all night( 2 hours) packing to go back to popular. Since im back the emails will be more or less like before, monday in the morning, but again, no promises.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Ride to Leon

Well not much goin on here in ole mex, just another week gone by, no more baptisms, and sorry, don't have my camera so i can't send you any more pictures this week, next week i promise. So what's going on in ole HI, anything new, old nada mas, dad fixed my boat yet? I'm at a different place taday for this mail, the family we normally spend pday at their house and do washing, and email and so forth are now out of town on vacation. And so i'm at one of those internet places where you have to pay, oh well. Wish katie a day late happy birthday for me, i'm sure her party was "off the hook", with cake, and all of that good stuff.

This month is called sacrifice month, pday usually lasts untill 5 on monday, but every pday in august will only last untill 1030 in the morning, can you believe that. On another note i had to go to Leon on tuesday, problems with my visa, specificaly the pictures we had with it, 3 hours to leon and 3 hours back for something that took 5 minutes. But i got to watch transformers on the way back so ill do it every day if they want me to.

Leon is a lot cleaner and nicer than most of san luis, its bigger too, alot more stuff there, we go on a bus, the bus station is bigger than the airport in raleige (can't spell my own capital) its how everybody travels in mex, and no packages.

Transfers are in 2 weeks, not sure if ill be transfered anywhere, i really would like to stay in Popular (my area) with my current companion, we get along well, plus id like to see him end his mission, now he only has 2 months left, but its all good, wouldn't mind going to leon, dont want to go anywhere else in san luis, but how the cookie crumbles is how the cookie crumbles.

Evidentally I have alot of mail at the mission offices, but the mission mail system is worse than mexicos, it's slower than cold mollasses.

Deena, have you sent me my news yet? Hows ole barak doing? Tell uncle paul i side with him on the carport issue, then tell aunt fran i side with her, shoot, here ill just take a car.

Yeah i actually like that hand sanitizer, by the way, throw in some worthers originals into the next package, and maybe some bit of honey as well, can't find any in mex. And you know i love you too, always and forever (jake), you too ma, and anyone else who is listening. Respond quick

No, no packages lately, but i hear i've got mail at the office, not that they are rushing trying to get it to me. What did you do in Wilmington? (In response to me telling him about a recent trip to Wimington for Katie's birthday. I told him about riding on a horse-drawn tour)
Wouldn't mind being there right now, it's hotter than 37 blazing saddles here, and the only horses you see are the ones pulling a trash cart, and poop in the middle of all the streets, saw one die the the other day. Yeah, kinda like wilmington, eh?

Awh, tell jake i love em, how's the ole feller doin anyway? You know he'd put a hurtin on that cat if he could just get to him, now that's one ferocious dog you got beside you. Que mas?

Well ive got to go, talk again next week, its been fun, just like old times. I love you, tell mom, Dad, Gma, jake, Deena and the rest of the gang that i love them too, i miss all of ya, and ill keep on keepin on down here in ole mex. I love you all very much. HASTA LUEGO

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peanut Butter.....Please!

So anything good happening lately? Not much happening in mex right now, this Monday and along with all the Mondays in August are sacrifice month, meaning our pday ends at 12. Not good!!!! No baptisms, next week I'll try to send you the pictures of the baptisms I do have. The language is coming, I reckon, I can pretty much understand most everything in regular talk, so that's good. I'll send another email.
Has dad fixed my boat yet? Has mom sent that book yet, I finished Jesus the Christ already (700+) pages, and now I have nothing to look at before bed:) All in all I just want two books, one is the HI history book that Uncle Joel wrote that you already know about, the other is Wars of the Jews, Jesus the Christ references it alot, look into it, if it's difficult don't worry about it. I just receive the dear elder from you and mom about going to the temple, slow huh! Changes are coming up in a few weeks, I actually would like to stay in my current area, its alot better than most of the areas in the city, and my companion only has 2 months left, so I wouldn't mind seeing him to the end.
Another apostle will come either next month or the one after, we had 310 baptisms as a mission this month. Tell Deena I'm giving here a new job, use dear elder to send me some NEWS, the US could be at war with Canada for all I know!
By the way, I just peeked at and they are in 2nd in the division and over 500, not bad if you ask me. By the way it's 84 degrees in HI right now. And just because the braves suck (IN KATIE'S OPINION) doesn't mean to stop sending news!!!
So Katie talked huh, let me guess: 5 minutes and she read the whole thing! I had to teach the young men/women yesterday, IN SPANISH, about the purpose of the book of Mormon. Esta bien. It's all good.
By the way hows my boy Barak doin? Tearin' it up in the political circuit? How's the stock market? Tell Deena I want NEWS!!!! All I can do is glance at the San Luis Today on the street, AND IT'S IN SPANIS!!!. Hows the number 1 bicheon in the world doing?
Good girl, Katie, a CHEVROLET!
Tell Grandmazah I love her and will be praying for her. I got the pictures and showed them to a very interested Mexican family. I might buy myself something for my bday, get Katie something nice for her bday.
I wouldn't mind some freaking peanut butter right now!!! (He's got some on the way)
they dont have peanut butter in mex, or jelly, or salad dressing, or....
Remember, forgive the type-os, its a mexican keyboard, every other letter is something like
ª"ª/Ñ , its not like I'm typing on an American beauty like you!
Well I've got to go, talk again next week, it's been fun, just like old times. I love you, tell mom, Dad, Gma, jake, Deena and the rest of the gang that I love them too, I miss all of ya, and I'll keep on keepin on down here in ole mex. I love you all very much. HASTA LUEGO

*Just in case anyone doesn't know...Jordy referenced praying for Grandma because she has a severely torn rotator cuff (I guess that is what it is called) and is scheduled for surgery Aug 12th. Please keep her in your prayers.

Missionary Mom to Elder Jordy Guthrie, Leon, Mexico, 3/09-3/11 (I just like to write that!)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What A Difference A Year Makes!

Just one year ago and Elder Guthrie was on a bus trip to Palmyra. Don't I wish I could kiss the back of his neck right now!
Oh well, now we are past 4 months and headed to 5. You know what comes next: SIX MONTHS, and that's a milestone! (Am I rushing it too much?)

Not much from Jordy this week. He sounds like he is staying really busy...always a good thing. I think he goes to the same member's house to email us. I would love to see it!
Anyway, here is what Elder Guthrie had to say this week:

Monday, July 20th

Que mas? I guess the Spanish is coming along, i really understand alot more now, cant talk all that much but at least im not completely lost! About gospel situations im really alright, most of the words i already know, dont say much, but again, im not completely lost. How about the sports news i asked for, on the way? Pics of katies car? General info about mi casa? Has dad fixed my boat yet, tell him keeper in shape or there will be "·$% to pay!!! I really dont have any new pics to send today, again, not much interesting here, just walking, talk to a few people, walk some more, figure out where we are, walk some more..... thats pretty much our day, walking. By the way what does katie want for her birthday? Dont know how ill do it but i want to get her something, maybe get her something from me:)
We get about 100 dollars every month, thats about 1300 pesos, more than enough. Havent spent much.
Funny story, Elder hansen only had about 50 pesos for the rest of the month, ( and that was last week, 50 pesos is like 4 dollars!!!) He asked me for a loan and i said "Why, you have 50 pesos" his companion looked at me and said "ES POR LA PROXIMA SEMANA" (Its for next week!!!) It was really funny, its all they had between the two of them, i did lend em some pesos.
Thax for the pics of the cape, wish i could have been there. I think this family wants to go to north carolina. Not a bad place to set camp if you ask me. Well, remember to get katie something from me when it bday time, tanner too for that matter. Well, i have to go, i love you all very much, yeh even katie, especially jake, and mom already knows. I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH. Hasta luego. will talk again next week. Bye

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pictures from Jordy's Mission President!

I got an email from Elder Guthrie's mission president today. I am pretty sure it was taken when they first arrived in Mexico. They are a bunch of handsome young men, especially the blond one on the left! As I looked at his smiling face all I could think of was, "Wouldn't his Papa be proud!?" One thing is for sure: Papa's influence in Elder Guthrie's life has played a big part in getting him where he is today and is felt in all of our lives every day. I know his smile is as big as Jordy's.

I will try to include the letter from Pres. Cox as well.

June 29, 2009

Dear Guthrie Famiy:

It was a pleasure to welcome Elder Guthrie has he arrived in our mission. He has been assigned to work with one of our outstanding trainers. We are enclosing a map showing hi area and photographs taken upon his arrival.

Sister Cox and I acknowledge the efforts and sacrifice necessary to support your missionary during his mission. Be assured that his service will bless the lives of many, not just those in our mission but others in his won family as well, he will represent the Lord as His ambassador as he goes forward finding and teaching the restored Gospel to the Lord’s children. As a missionary, he has covenanted to bring souls unto Christ. Ultimately, he will reap the blessings of his service all the days of his life.

In order to be successful, a missionary must remain focused, motivated and diligent in doing the Lord’s work. You can help by communicating weekly with tour missionary. Please send encouraging and uplifting letters and e-mail. Missionary work, though richly rewarding, can also be very demanding. Please do not let a week go by without sending your love and encouragement. Make sure that you send letters in addition to your e-mails.
Because missionaries use public libraries to get their e-mail, many times they are unable to print their mail to reread later. Nothing brings a simile to a missionary’s face like a letter from home.

If there is an emergency that you feel needs to be communicated to your missionary or you have questions or concerns, please call me. You can contact the office at 01- 800-926-65-36 or (477) 770-12-21 or by e-mail at My home number is 01-800-021-83-93 or (477) 770-83-05 and my cell number is (477)724-49-43. My personal e-mail is

We love our Heavenly Father and count it a privilege to serve among our faithful missionaries. This is the work of the Lord. Please remember that your missionary is in His care and His service. May the Lord bless and inspire you as your missionary fulfills covenant made with our Heavenly Father.

President Robert T. Cox
Mexico Leon Mission

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can You Believe He's Been in Mexico A Whole Month Already?

One Month in Mexico

Finally heard from Elder Guthrie. I think I refreshed the computer screen 100 times today, no exaggeration!

Here is what he had to say:

First, I asked him:
1. Where are you emailing from today?
2. How many investigators do you have now? Any more baptisms?
3. Have you rec'd any more packages? I sent the one with the little give-away toys for the kiddos and some stuff for you. Did you ever get the little over the door bb goal? (It was a really nice one and I sent a pump too for the ball)
4. Have you had a district meeting and seen any of the guys you were with at the mtc yet? How often are they?
5. Do you have an interview with the mission pres routinely?
6. How does your money work? You mentioned they give you a certain amt each month in your lds acct. It doesn't look to me like you have used any of your personal acct money, so I was wondering if you ever (on p-day) get to go shopping, like at wal mart?
7. Have you any idea how much your mama and Jake love you?

He wrote back:

1 The same members house, really nice
2 we have 5 of six, no more bautisms, YET
3 I just got the bb game, it is really nice, but no more other than that
4 every week we have a district mtg., but only elder Hansen is in my district from the mtc, and i see him all day on monday anyway
5 about once every 8 weeks, i already had one and more are coming up in about 2 weeks or so
6Yeah we get about 1100 pesos about every month, thats about 100 dollars but alot here, i just got more today and really and truly i don't need any more
7 I have an idea

He sent some pictures of his “home” too, FINALLY! I will try to post them here.

Here's the rest of our conversation:

here are some pics of "home", the picture of the sticker is on ALL of the homes, it says that "this house is catholic, we love the virgin, our church, and we don't accept protestant propaganda, some actually say we don't listen to Mormons!!! Que mas? I met a magic man the other day, we knocked on his door and started teaching, it turned into a magic show, he did some amazing things, card tricks blew my mind, I cut a rope in half and he made it whole again, don't ask me how, we also were given some magic tricks for the road. I think it was real magic!!!!

I hope you got the pics, and the responses to the questions, just another week in Mexico, the language is a little better, I pick up a few more things, I can say one or two more things, all in all it's just the way the cookie crumbles. Oh yeah, i have the reimbursement of the plane ticket, it's a check from the church, I'll send it home next week. I can't believe Frenchy is traded to the Mets, that's freaking crazy, the METS. I bet Katie pooped a goose egg. Oh well, it would have happened anyway. Remember to send me the draft news, along with other sports news by dear elders. I just got a couple of cards form Florida on Friday, but I've got some more recent ones since then.

Well, not much to write about this week, Other than the wicked magic by the magic man!!!! I love you very much, all of you, Tell jake i love him very much but do it in his native tongue. So katies car is totaled huh, what next for her, a new car? Tell her she can't have my truck, ( freak her out, act like you're keeping a secret from her, like you're talking to me on the phone and quickly hang up when she sees you) Anywho, i love you very much and ill write more this week, got to go to district mtg. I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH, hasta luego.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three Weeks in Mexico

Jordy sounded better this week. He had longer to email...still at a member's house. Basically he said everything is going fine and the language is "coming slowly". Here's what he had to say when I asked about what he eats. Needless to say, Katie and I were off to WalMart to get him some pop tarts, peanut butter, and cereal (aka, the basics)

In Elder Guthrie's own words...
Don't eat breakfast or dinner, that's a good thing, mexican food is magic, all you have to do is look at it and you're not hungry anymore, you can skip the whole eating thing, i think i've lost alot of weight since i've been here already, i have to wear a belt with my shorts, but it's not bad as long as i can eat everything on the plate the people won't get offended. I'm never hungry here though, it's really weird, when gingos(that's what americans are called here) come, we lose our appetite, nobody knows why. Oh yeah, and elder from nc just went home, his name was elder thomas, he lives in charlotte, he was in my district, changes just went by so i'll be in this same area for at least another 6 weeks.

Here's some questions I asked, along with his answers.

1. Where do you live?
2. What is the place like? More of a city? Country? Mix?
3. How is the language coming?
4. Do you need anything?
5. Have you gotten any packages?
6. What is church like in Mexico? Does it (sacrament mtg, for example) feel like it does at home, kind of?
7. What is up with you only having such a short time to communicate last week? I hope it is not a trend!
8. Is it getting any easier? Please say yes!

1I live in an apartment,
2City but outskirts,
3Nada, really slow,
5One package, the book from pres hancock not, send annother,
6Smaller ward, not piano ect, really bad singing, Reall BAD,
7This weeks beter heh,
8Sure, what you said

Every week means he is more familiar with his area, language, customs, etc. And, every day brings him closer to will come, and in the meantime, aren't those people in Mexico lucky?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 Weeks in Mexico, Hotter Than Blazin' Saddles!

Here's the emails from this week. He didn't have very much time online. I can tell he's homesick a little, but I guess that is to be expected. He's a mighty good boy!

Here it is...

Ok this makes 2 weeks in mexico, feels like two years. Its hotter than a blazing saddles here, literally, Ill try to send some pictures through but first let me answer some questions. My companion's name is Motolinia, he is from pueblo mexico, he lived in NY for 3 years, with his father only. He is now 24 years old. We always eat with the members, every day, the food is DIFFERENT, not mexican american food at all. I would really like to have a beef chimichanga right now. Since ive been here we have gotten 8 baptisms. 1 from before, and 7 from lessons that we taught. Sorry i forgot my camera yesterday so no pictures of the baptism. I reckon im picking up a little more of what people say but it's hard. Sometimes i just sit there and smile. But all in all the spanish is coming, slowly. Nothing about hurricanes, we had a little rain about 5 to six days ago but it wasn't much, i heard it was from a hurricane or something. Yeh, we walk everywhere, hotter than a blazing saddles, i sweat more than a monkey's uncle. What's funny is all the songs, the signs and such are in english, it makes me wonder if people in mexico really don't know how to speak english, they hear it every day. I'll send another.

Yep, mexico is very weird, alot of crazy stuff, nobody can say guthrie, but everybody likes to look at my pictures. I'd like to be sitting on that couch right now, i actually have to go right now, i'll send more pictures next week, until then, i love you very much ma, i see you reasonably soon, I think about you all every day, tell dad, jake, katie, gma i love them, goodbye for now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letter from Mother with Son in Jordy's Mission!

I shared Jordy's firts email from Mexico with the moms who I communicate with, Moms all with sons in various parts of Mexico. They have kept me sane at times. Here is a letter from a mother who's son is at the end of his Leon Mission. I hope jordy gets to meet him before he goes.
Here it is;

When I read you son's email I laughed till I cried, I could have replaced it with the one my sons sent home that first week, they were so similar. Oh, the keyboards are different so don't worry about the spelling or pucuation. It will get worse. Anyway, My son Elder Thomas is a district leader in your sons area. Maybe they know each other.
My son will be coming home on July 4th (his favorite holiday) and living in Mexico he has certainly gained a greater appreciation for the USA. We are very excited!!!!
I just wanted to share with you what will happen to your son. This is from Jared's email:

"O a funny thing that happened,when Bednar came he ask for commentaries about what he was saying and i stood up and made a comment, but o man i could not speak english. i cant hardly speak english when it has anything to do with the church because the words come to my mind in spanish first. he actually didnt understand what i was trying to say. but i mumbled some other words and he understood. it was funny another american that has the same time that i do in the mission started to make a comment in english but he was like umm its easier in spanish. haha so he said it in spanish and let the translator translate it hahah. o man what has happened to me.

I currently have another son serving in Chile, he has only been out six months, and is just now feeling confident with the language. I reminded him of our Chirstmas call how we all laughed at Jared (the son in Mexico) sounding like a Mexican trying to speak English. Having a son on a mission has been such a blessing to him as well as our family. Don't worry, he is in good hands. Enjoy each week seeing the progress and excitement you will see in your missionaries emails. There will be some rough times for him, but just be encouraging and confident for him.

Sarah Thomas--North Carolina Does Anyone know her?

Elder Jared Thomas, Leon Mexico 7/07--7/09
Elder Ethan Thomas, Antofagasta Chile, 1/09--1/11

Monday, June 22, 2009

Week One in Leon!

Finally got an email from Jordy! He sounds good. I'd been gone all week and just missed his emails. Deena had been checking all day for me while she was at work, but he apparently emailed us a little after 5pm so she missed him. I got home around 6pm so I just missed him too. Oh, well, here is Jordy's email, his FIRST from Leon...

this keyboard is weird, but i have now one week in Mexico!!! Ive already witnessed one baptism, and since ive been here my companion and I have commited 8 more people to baptism. Now when I say my companion and I, I of course mean my companion because i just sit there, probably looking stupid, having no clue where i am, where im going, how i got here, and having NO clue what is being said. Yep, i think maybe i was in the wronge class at the MTC because they did NOT teach me this language. When people talk about churchy stuff i can mostly hold my own, but as soon as they drift off anywhere, its la la land. The plane ride over here wasnt all that bad, kind of liked it, had the window seat the whole time, we spent the first night at the mission home, it was like a little america, I have been assighned to San Louis Potosi, not sure that is how you spell it. My companion is a native,but he spent three years in New york so we can get talking in both languages egnough to understand most of the time. Just like at the mtc we get up at 630 and get ready, for about two hours its study stuff. Then we hit the streets of Mexico, the Fresno 2 area, it is HOTer than a blazing saddles, Things here are dirt cheap, most things after you think about it are less than an american dollar, we get about 1000 pesos every month, that seems like alot here but in america its about 100 dollars, probably less. Mexico all in all is not what i thought it would be, it actually looks like alot of american cities here, they have macdonalds, coke, home depot, all that, it really looks alot like washington DC here, exept everyone is catholic. They have a giant catholic church in the center of the city about 300 years old. Ive taken pictures today, Today actually isnt all that bad, its not hot, just annother day in Mexico, I guess this is probably the easiest way to communicate, mailing should take about 2 to three weeks. Havent understood a word since i got here. Elder bednar did come on friday, all the missionaries in the Leon mission were there, he asked all the missionaries to raise their hands who were at the MTC on tuesday, so the twelve of us raised our hands. I was sitting really close. After the meeting i shook his hand, i have to admit its a little weird. Ill end this email and send annother.
Well i really dont know what to say, the food is very different, i personally havent gotten sick yet but my companion promises me that I will. My companion from the MTC, who is somewhere in San Louis also is sick, Elder Hansen, who was in the MTC with me is in my same district here and was sick. But not me, YET. Mexico is different, dont get me wrong, but its not like you picture it, its really just annother part of the world. So whats happening on our end, anything? I have to go, I love you all and Ill try to think about what to say for next week befor i go. I love you very much, I think about you allways, especially you Jake, Mom too. I love you Bye

Well, I am off to research San Louis Potosi.......can't wait until next Monday!

Lisa Guthrie
mm to Elder Jordan Guthrie, Leon Mex 4/09-4/11

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Letter from a Leon Mom!

As many of you may know, I joined an email group of mothers with sons in/going to/ or returned from Mexican missions. There are very few with Leon connections, but I did get a letter today from a mother who's son is a few months ahead of Jordy. I asked her if I could share her letter and she said OK, so here it is.

Letter from a Leon Mom


My son is in Leon. I email him every Sunday and then I copy and paste it into DearElder, that way he eventually gets the email in writing to re-read whenever he wants. His grandparents also use DearElder to write to him. It does take a few weeks to get there and depending on where they are in the Mission it can take a few weeks more to get it to them. The same with packages. He just got a package from me in about 4 weeks, which was actually pretty good. He is now close to the mission home so he can pick them up as soon as they get there.

The package got there and nothing seemed to be missing. I sent him a list of the contents through DearElder. I even sent an electric toothbrush. I sent it using the flat rate box from USPS and I did put pictures of Mary on the side of the box. (I just searched online and printed them out and stuck them on the box with clear packing tape.)

As a side note, just to be prepared. When he first arrived in Leon I didn't hear from him at all until the next Monday. No letter from the Mission President either. He'll be fine... Let me know where is he and who his companion is, there are some wonderful missionaries there. They just had a goal for the month of May to have 300 baptisms and they had 355! Elder Bednar is coming to speak to them on Tuesday because they met their goal. Just think, your son will be there just in time for that. How wonderful!

Jay has had hot water in each of his apartments. As far as I know (Mom's are not told everything) he only has one problem with theft and that was that his house was broken into. They stole all their electronics--which for missionares is not much! Just his 6 year-old CD player with plug in speakers and his electric toothbrush. He was most concerned with the toothbrush, which is why I sent him another one. They mostly live in little houses, which are very inexpensive to rent. I wouldn't worry about telling him the conditions. He'll see soon enough and he will adapt. Those boys/men will certainly come home with a new appreciation for all that they have....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jordy is Going To Mexico

Well, the time is FINALLY here, and Jordy is off to Mexico. Here are his emails from today. He sounds decidedly more upbeat. He is excited for sure! As you can imagine, we are excited for him and a little apprehensive too. We know that Jordy will ge a great missionary and the days, weeks, and months will go by so much faster now. BTW....I am off to send a package to Mexico...I will make sure you all have the address too because he sounds like he is expecting to get some Mexican mail!

Here's what Jordy has to say.....

Alright, here is the news... I have my flight plans and Im leaving the MTC at 3am on monday morning. We just got them today. We leave Salt lake on American Airlines flight AA 416 and arrive in Dallas TX at 9:33, (like they really know that), we will leave Dallas at 12:15, so that gives us about 2 hours to call, not alot of time if you ask me. The other distict going to tampico got their flight plans today and are leaving Friday morning, can you beleive that, they were numericaly after us and are leaving befor us!!! Yep, im going to mexico. Ill arrive at Leon airport at opx. 2:40 monday afternoon.

We'll we get to talk for another 5 Minutes just to tell you when im leaving. I hope tonigt is ok, Ill try to call around 6 pm this time, don't have time to do all the math you figure it out what it is your time. Make sure you're there k. (Ill try and steal an extra minute or two) I gotta admit Im a little exited right now, we went on monday to sign for our visas in the Mexican consolate in Salt lake, everything was in spanish even the newspapers, and i could read most of it. It was talking about Barak Obama appointing a latin to the supreme courte or something. Yep, ive got my visa, ive got my flight plans, and im leaving on monday, "Im leavin' on a jet plane, dont know when Ill be back again". We get to talk for two hours monday, and remember ~5 minutes tonight!!!

I actually haven't been sending new emails because im always afraid ill mistype the address, that would not be good. 14 mins left. From somewhere around 9:30 to 12:15 on monday we will be able to talk, i have the phone card and im ready to go. Also remember at 6 pm tonight my time Ill try to call home, no promises though on the time or even that it will happen tonight but I will try my best. I liked the song by the way, send me some more videos again, it's almost like being home for a little while. I guess you all have been sending alot of stuff to mexico already, my mission pres. will probably just look at me funny as he hands me card after card im sure. 9 mins left. Yep, all 12 Elders going to Leon will be leaving together, Im a little nervous, a little exited, a little curious,.............................. Yep, going to Mexico, ill send you a postcard or something.

Again AA flight # 416 on monday morning at 6am from SL to Dallas landing at 9:33am, (Talking, Crying, Laughing...) , AA flight # 3211 from Dallas to Leon Mx. from 12:15 to 2:40. And again Ill try to call tonight at around 6pm MY time, be ready but no promises. Oh yeah, I can't remember if you're back yet from orientation, I hope so. 3 mins left, have Q's ready for me, and have someone who can say them without crying. 2 mins left. I love you all, Mom, Dad, Ksua, Gma, JAKE, .......................................................................................................................................................................... Cant think of anything right now, Ill be sending stuff home soon, Ill probably be sending some luggage home too, they say you can do that soo i will, get katie to send me the words to that song from me, myself and Irene, its killing me. I love you all, talk to you SOON. 3 secs left. Be ready. Bye. Again i love you all, especially Jake.

Again, Here is the address you will need. Make sure if you send it via pouch service you read what is acceptable to send.
Family and friends are advised to send letters to the mission office through the "pouch" service once he gets to Mexico. The address will be:

Elder Jordan Lane Guthrie
Mexico Leon Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

IMPT: The Church provides pouch mail service to countries where other mail service may not be reliable. Each country regulates this service differently. To prevent possible fines or discontinuation of pouch service, only Postcards and letters that are single sheet, folded into three-panels, and taped at the top only (on envelopes), may be sent through the pouch.


Elder Jordan Lane Guthrie
Mexico Leon Mission
Calle Torre Vieja #128
Col. Aride
37360 Leon, Guanajuato

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Except im 1700 miles away in a suit coat!!!!!!!

Here's the news this week (Jun3)
All in all, I think he sounds better, and there is a glimmer of hope that he will be leaving the MTC sometime in the not so distant future! Here's what Jordy had to say.....remember, most of the time he is responding to my DearElder letters where I send him a bunch of questions to answer, because he never receives my emails on the day he is posting. You can figure it out though.

Jun 3 messages from Jordy
Ok here are some answers to your Dear Elder. The whole MTC is on swine flu alert, one member of our zone is in 5 day quarantine right now. It's kind of weird, no shaking hands..... I did get the other pair of shoes and I like them alot, I mean they're rockports, what's not to like? I just started to get things organized today, I'll probably be sending home a suitcase, I'll be putting some things in there, I'll also send home that big coat of Bill Boy's so you can have more time to send it off to him. I'll see what I want to keep and just sort it out. I'll send all my letters home probably this week some time. Im feeling alot better, I've been sick mas o menos for about 2 weeks but I've been to the med centre and got some pills that seem to be working. I really don't need anything right now, in fact I think I've got too much right now. My companion just has back pain and that is why we go to a doc, our schedule isn't that different, we're just teaching in spanish about 5 times a day. One of our Teachers, Hermano(Brother) Swenson has the Swine Flu so he won't be here all this week. We still go to the RC, a couple members of my district have made spanish calls but I have not yet. And no mom, I don't think I can ever comprehend how much you love me.

The gym was closed because they were redoing the floor, it's open again now. We got some sister missionaries in our zone 3 weeks ago, we see them around all the time and we sit with them at lunch

So, right now there are three people from our zone going to get their visas today, that is a big change, the wheels are moving. There is at least a decent possibility that our turn will be tomorrow, if so we may leave on monday. If we do I'll get to call you, I'll try to make it on Sunday again. I can't wait until we get to talk again. 10 mins left. Again respond with DE. So, is Katie graduated now, or is it in 2 days, it's soo weird to think about. How are things going over at the Shop, what are you and Gma, Jake and Jessie doing these days? My favorite part of the Year is coming up, Summer, except I'm 1700 miles away in a suit coat!!!!!!! Has Dad gone fishing alot lately, has he been catching anything? Besides from the bathroom, what other news. Gacious for the newspaper, send me a national one when you get a chance. 6 mins left. I'll also probably send home my nice pair of sunglasses, keep 'em safe for me.

This will probably be the last letter. 5mins left. I was thinking of Home alot in the last couple of days, it seems my spirits go up and down from thinking how short 2 years are to thinking how long 2 years are. Whatever happens I know I'll be home before too long, I miss you alot, I'll try to write you today. Tell Dad, Katie, Gma, Jake, .... that I love them very much. And I love you very much. Always the hardest part of being here is that you're not. 2 mins left. We might leave Monday or stay another week. I love you very Much!!!! I really can't think about any more to say. Don't worry about me, again, I love you very much, I think about you every day, time to go get clothes, until we talk or write again. Bye

Lisa writing, that is today's news. What do you think? I think I am worried about him being right in the middle of a whole lot of Swine Flu! Oh me, when I thought about Jordy going on a mission this kind of thing never once entered my mind.
On a positive note, I do think he sounds better this week. It is amazing what at least a HOPE of Visas coming through and getting on with their mission can do for their spirits.
I know if you are reading this that you already do, but keep the people of Mexico, the missionaries worldwide, and especially Elder Jordan Lane Guthrie in your prayers. Until next time........

A 5 Minute Phone Call Can Make You Cry!

OK, so I THOUGHT I had posted on here about Jordy's phone call.....I wrote it, but where is it? Is it out there in cyberspace??????
Anyway, there's a new post for today so that is old news. Here's the Reader's Digest version.....Jordy was supposed to leave (estimated date of departure) on May 25th and he emailed me all the particulars of his flight, when he would call from Texas airport, etc. etc. Then he said that he might be delayed, and if so he MIGHT be able to call me and let me know.
Fast forward to the Sunday before Monday, May 25th. Katie and I are home and the phone rings. I look at the caller idea and see that it is an 801 number.....hmmmm, could that be my boy? I answer to, "Hola, Madre" and immediately start crying..yep, you know me. Luckily Katie is upstairs and picks up the phone and fills in the gap, because he only has 5 minutes! It was so nice to hear his voice, that voice I had not heard in over 2 months. He's delayed.......and 5 minutes goes by way too fast!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still no Visa!

Jordy is still at the MTC....but he is anxious to get to Leon. He didn't have much to say during this week's email session, but the last post just about did me in! Forgive me for bragging, but I've got the best son! Read this and I think you'll agree.

I still haven't gotten any responses yet, but don't worry mom, I know you're there. 4 mins left. Thank you for the Dear Elder letters you've been sending, alot of them are really good. I just want to tell you that I love you very much, I always have and I always will. The hardest part about being here right now is that you're not. Tell katie im happy that she is getting her braces off, and tell her and Dad that I love them very much too. Tell Gma i'll try to write her today, and that (you guessed it), i love her very much too. I think about you all every day. 1 min left. I am thankfull that i was blessed with such a great family. I love you very much mom, I thank you for all you've done for me. Bye./em>strong>

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Emails from Elder Jordy Guthrie, May 20th, NINE WEEKS at MTC!!

Here's the hi-lights........He sounds a little bit down this week, but then he has been sick this week, so that is probably part of it. His group was scheduled to leave for Leon this coming Monday, but their Visas haven't come through yet, so it looks doubtful. IF he does go he will have a lay-over at Dallas airport, where he will get to phone home. If he doesn't get to go, he thinks he will get to phone home and let us know he is delayed. It will be a short call, just for that purpose, but either way, maybe I will get to hear his voice Monday!!!
Here are his emails, unedited, so overlook the errors in grammar. In a hurry, I guess!

1. Well, ive been entertaining poor heath since monday, a sore thoat and a little bit of a fever. Hopefully i will be able to get rid of it by tomorow. My companion has been going to physical therapy for the last couple of days so iv got to see at least a little bit of the outside world. Its soo strange that everybody is members of the church here. Tell katie she has really fell down on her braves job. Did she get my letter?

2. We recieved our flight plans, they're not much good unless we get our visas though. We would go though Dallas airport somewhere around 9:30 and be there for about 2.5 hours, Call time. But, we havent got our visas yet soo...... Ill ask around about the calling cards and see what i can do about it. Have you started sending letters to Leon yet? that would probably be a good idea. Again, reply by dear elder. Ill be happy if i NEVER see this place again, its nice in some things but all in all it is really getting old, college was ALOT easier. Spanish is still coming, slowly but surely, just keeping on keeping on.

3. Ive actually missed home alot these last couple of days, i really had it good didnt I. All ive got to do though is just keep on going, dont count days, and do the Lords work. Its tough not having the simple comforts of home, my own shower, a hot shower, being able to sleep, seeing my family, but i know this is where im supposed to be. By the way, if we dont leave on time we will probaly be able to talk for 5 mins just to say im not leaving on time. Annother new group of missionaries came in today, im not even that awestuck any more, it just brushes of thinking whats in front of them. For some news our current teachers both served in Chile. How about you send a whole newspaper sometime, its kind of weird being so unconnected with the outside world.

4. Im getting closer and closer to Mexico every day, and yes i will be traveling with all the members of my district, plus 6 others all the way to the mission home. Im really looking forward to that first night there, they let you SLEEP IN, or so ive heard. Then we hit the streets, ill probably not be able to understand much of annything my first coulple of months there, just from what others have told us, but it eventually comes. No NC fans in the latest addition to our Zone, though one is from Virginia. A member from the quorum of the seventy talked to us last night, a wonderful talk. We have switched scheduals to "Last Week" sheduals, were almost there, hopefully....

5. Ill probaly try and send some packages home tomorrow or the next day, got to get the weight down on my lugguge. Thanks for the airtight packages by the way, im sure they are going to be a big help. This week has been really buisy soo far, not alot of time to do anything, just annother week at the MTC though. Ive got to go, I love you very Much, oh yeah LE AMO means i love you. Until our call i guess, I love you VERY MUCH, see you (when i see you). Bye!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hola madre, Como esta

Note: In Spanish, when you are asking a question you put an upside down question mark in the front of the sentence and a regular on at the end (like we do) Jordy does that when he is writing in Spanish, but I can't figure out how to get the computer to do it. (Suggestions?)
Also, for some reason lots of people are having problems posting comments, even though they can post on other blogs, can't figure that one out either!
Sorry, but the important thing is that Jordy, uh, Elder Jordan Guthrie, is having a wonderful MTC experience and is looking forward to going to Mexico and sharing the Gospel to the people of Leon. I think they are mighty lucky!

Como fue su semana? Bien? Como es mi Padre y mi Hermana? Well, today is Wednesday and we are getting a new district again today. Another apostle came and talked to us last night. Elder Nelson, mi Comanero es no mas el lidere de districto. We changed to another companionship last week. Did you say you sent my memory card back, if so where is it? Elder Roberts (Barak Obama) had an interesting chat online yesterday, the woman from Germany actually said, "Can I get baptized?" She will be going to church next week! Spanish is coming, albeit slowly. We teach the second lesson this week en solo espanol. By the way, the sole of these new shoes split, they're still comfortable, but my feet will get wet really easy. I think that I'm going to need another pair of shoes soon. Maybe you could send them to me, 10 1/2 wide would be best remember. I'll be talking to you on the computer in about 2 hrs.
I love you very much. Tell Dad, Katie, G'ma, JAKE, Jessie, Deena, Tanner and Ethan I love them too.

I love you very much
Elder Jordan Guthrie

The picture is of Jordy (Elder Guthrie), Uncle Joel (that's President Hancock to you!), and Kevin (Bishop Nelson) at Raleigh Temple on the day Jordy got his personal endowments. Jordy travels in some pretty prestigious circles!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Elder Guthrie's Emails today!!!

I thought everyone might like to hear (or see) what Jordy had to say today. He sounds better today than last week, when I detected a little bit of 'stir-crazy' in him.

Here they are, and remember, spelling has never been Jordy's strong suit.

Hope you enjoy, I know I did.

Jordy's Emails Today!!!!!!

The new district is all going stateside, we are getting another one today, we are going to have a really big zone. Only my district and 6 more from another are going to Leon. Probably wont be another bunch for some time because they are sending soo many of us to Leon. Its actually kind of wierd to have a whole district going to the same place, and even wierder for more than a district to go to the same place.

All in all this week has been going by really fast, i was talking with Elder mouritsen today and thinking that 2 p-days from now will be a mexican p-day!!!! Time is really going by really fast, there are not enough hours in a day to get all the things done we need to get done. Spanish is coming, albeit slowly. I really never though about the "Direct Objects" Reflexives, Preterite...... I just thought i would have to learn vocab but NOOOO, the structure is even more important than the vocab to a degree. But yes its coming along, 6 months from now i will be able to pretty much understand and say anything i want to. Just keeping on Keeping on.... 15 mins left.

By the way, yo neccesito nuevos zapidos (i need new shoes) 10 & 1/2 wide would be best

Katie has a letter on the way, i think she will like it:) Tell dad not to tear up my boat. Tell tanner to do.........something. Oh yeah, send me a cheaper digital watch before i go, i might want to wear that instead of the 100+ watch im wearing now, i really dont want to have to fight some little mexican over this watch (which i will). 12 mins left!!!! also, did you send me my memory card back, if so which box was it in? Im getting a little worried about it. I received a box just a few minutes ago from you, i dont know whats in it yet because i havent had a chance to open it. Give Jake a hug from me please. (and jessie too if you can pick her up) Send me a Whole news paper once just soo i can get some normal looking stuff. Tell katie to pick it up on the Braves news, im anxiously anticipating every letter i get abour the ole' bravos.8 mins left.

Still no response as of yet, looks like is more "dear elder" responses. We'll be able to talk on the phone in about 1 and a half weeks. We're hoping to get our visas any day now. When we do we go all the way to Salt Lake to the Mexican embasy to sign them. We'll all just be looking in awe at the world and all its fancy lights. 6 mins left. Im not as sick of this place as i was last week, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just laugh at the elders who have been here a week and act like theyve been here forever, i walk up to them and say "iv been here 8 weeks!!!!" That shuts em up, then they just look in awe.

2 mins left, by the way i neen mas zapidos!!! We cant do baptisms in the temple, that would to be done for the person before we could do our stuff by the way. 1 min. I love you very much ma, i talk with you before too long. i think about you every day, give jake a kiss for me. I love you, I love you......................................................................................... 10 secs bye


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mexico Mission Re-opens!

During Jordy's 30 minute computer time this week he told me that all Mexican missions were again opened. He assured me that Church leadership are staying on top of all the flu news and will be cautious, but he did say that they (MTC leaders?) say that the whole swine flu has been overexaggerated.
I also got a mother's day card from my missionary boy today. Here it is...remember, this was written on Sunday, so the news about the mission reopening apparently wasn't available yet.

Hola Madre!
Well, its Sunday afternoon and I just got back from a Temple walk. It's been fairly good weather here for this week. I'm not sure if I told you but tie-trading is caput. MTC presidency doesn't want anything that becomes a tradition. This week has been my first week with our new district teachers, we all really miss Hermano Williams and Hermana Rivera, but we have learned alot so far from Hermano Swenson and Hermano Del Torro (whose name means "of the bull") I have to say I'm getting really sick of this place. Two Elders from the district that got here 3 weeks before us are leaving for Texas tomorrow morning, the rest of the district is being delayed until this Mexico swine flu thing passes over (because they're going to Mexico City). Also, I've only got 94 pages left to go in el libro de Mormon. I read 42 pages this morning! (I bet nobody in my Sunday School class is beating me now!) Thanks for the pictures you sent. I taped them up on the wall beside my desk.
I taught the first lesson of "Preach My Gospel" entirely en Espanol on Friday. I'm still not comfortable saying alot but I can understand most of what our teachers are saying in class. We're getting a new district this Wednesday, (8 Elders and 2 Sisters) we're all pretty excited for that, no longer the newbies and all.
We're hoping for another Apostle to talk with us in the next 2 weeks, we're almost certain to get one before we leave.
On the next page I'll be bearing my testimony en Espanol, see if you and Deena can translate without help!

Dios es nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial, Dios nos ama mucho, JesaCristo es el hijo de Dios y nuestro Hermano. Dios Tiene up plan por nosotros Mediante el plan de Dios Podemos ser con nuestros familias para sempre. El evangelio de JesuCristo es resturado en la tierra. El libro de Mormon y la Biblia es las Palabras de Dios. Jose Smith fue y es un Profeta de Dios al Tomas S Monson es un Profeta hoy En el nombre de JesuChristo, Amen

Hope you do well,
Elder Jordan L Guthrie

NOTE: I don't know if all the Spanish is spelled right or not. Jordy is terrific at a lot of things, but spelling has never been one of them. I can correct his English, but now we are charting new waters, so I've done the best I can!

Friday, May 1, 2009

News About Mexican Missions

I am the member of an e-mail group of moms with missionaries either going to Mexican missions, in Mexican missions, or RMs from Mexico. During all this Swine Flu stuff we've been really busy talking back and forth, as you can imagine. What follows is a note from a mother I thought you'd be interested in.


I have just set a new record for bursting into tears faster than anyone ever has. I got a phone call at work today. When I said "hello", I heard a man say "hi". I had no idea who it was until the voice said, "This is your son". I was not expecting to hear from Josh and so it was such a shock that I burst into tears. Everyone here at work agrees that I have indeed set a record for the fastest tears. He could only talk for about 5 minutes, so I tried to get as much out of him as I could. You would not believe the "Spanish" accent he does when he speaks spanish. He sounded like the same old Josh, yet a few notches higher. Does that make any sense? So spiritual, so mature - with Joshie mixed in. Oh my gosh. Okay here's the scoop. The missionaries from Mexico just a little while ago were told to go to the travel office. It was there that they were told to go call their families (some of you will already know all of this!) because they are being delayed. The brethren are making th!
eir decision this next Wednesday as to what to do. They told them to expect ten days to a couple months delay. If it ends up being months, they will be sent to spanish speaking state side missions until things clear up. He sounded so good - oh, how I miss him! Now I need to go call Guiness! :)

Kristi Myers-Daynes
MM of Joshua Myers, Mexico, Puebla,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Typical Day in the life of an MTC Elder

I thought some of you might enjoy seeing what Jordy's days consist of...and all you RMs can be reminded of what life used to be "back in the day".

Here's his Thursday's schedule (They are all different in little ways, but he gets the same things in during the day.

6:20-6:45 Arise and Prepare
7-8:15 Classroom instruction (personal)
8:15 Breakfast
8:45-1:00 Classroom Instruction
1:00 Lunch
1:45-4:30 Classroom Instruction/ Language
4:40-5:30 Gym
5:30-6:00 Prepare for next activity
6:00 Dinner
6:45-9:00 Classroom Instruction
9:00-9:30 Daily Planning Session
9:30-10:00 Review day's activ/Companionship Prayer
10:15 Quiet Time

I told you he was too busy to be too homesick. It sounds like a schedule that would definately get the best of me, but they're young and on a mission for the Lord.

BTW...The picture on this post is not Jordy, as you can see. I think it is his companion. The first time he sent home his camera card it was full of pictures of everybody but Jordy. He was promptly told to cut that out!

Hola Grandmazah....4/1/09

Heres a letter to Grandma...Jordy calls her Grandmazah. I have tried to put all of his letters on here, but unfortunately they are not in the proper order. From here on out I will try to do better with that. All of Jordy's letters sound like he is doing really good and actually enjoying the MTC experience, though it is hard work. Jordy can do hard things though...right Aunt Susan?

Hola Grandmazah,
I might have made it past the hard part, but it is still hard being away from home. I just received your letter yesterday, along with one from Ma, Dad, and Katie. Right now I'm leading the letter count with 11, so keep 'em coming. I've been thinking about you and the rest of the family alot, I just wish I could call and tell you everything that's been going on. I hope your received my first letter, I really haven't had time to write alot, every second of every day is planned out for us. We have to get up every morning at 6:30, so not like me, eh? I writing on Wednesday (P-day) and in about an hour we have to go wash clothes! We spend most of our day in class, talking, reading, talking....
We went on a walk around the temple Sunday, later today we will go through the Temple. I'll try to send pictures and a copy of my schedule along with one of the letters. As you can see writing a letter is not one of my strong points either, but I do what I can. I love you very much, I've been thinking alot about you, nighttime is the hardest time, laying in bed thinking about home. But I know that I am where I need to be. I only have 103 weeks to go to be back home. I love you, I miss you, and I'll try to write again soon,

Letter to Gma

Hi herGrandmazah, (that's what he calls her)

I know I haven't been writing as much as either of us would like, but I really haven't had a lot of time. The MTC is very busy, if you're not in class you're eating, if you're not eating you're getting stopped by a companionship looking to practice their skills.
I want you to know that I think about you just about every single day. What I wouldn't give to be sitting at Chick-fil-et with you and ma about now. As much as I would love to be home, I know I am where I need to be. My testimony has grown alot just in these 2 short weeks. I love you very much, I miss you, and I can't wait until the cookies get here.
Your Grandson,

Hola Ma!....A Letter from my Boy!!!

Hola Ma!
I'm glad to hear that Dad recovered his sunglasses. I received a return-to-sender letter I sent dated on the first, so sorry about that. The letter contained my schedule that I will send with this letter. Send my memory card back after you look at and erase alot of pictures. I'm way up in the letter count, averaging 4 per day. So far I've received 60 letters! I'll try to send a picture of the District later. I guess by your "Dear Elder" letter you received last Wednesday's email so, no problems there. I also received the cookies and the "Dear Elder" Easter Basket.
I've been writing in my journal every night, so someday you'll get to read about life at the MTC. By the way, those were the dullest fingernail clippers you sent me. I wasn't kidding about sending me on of those electronic yahtsee games, and maybe a bouncy ball to toss around every once in a while. All in all the MTC isn't too bad, it just gets really boring once in a while. It's a lot like prison, but in prison you already speak the language and you get visits. I'd be ready for another two weeks if I could walk around the block once.
We got to the temple every week as you will see in the schedule, so if anyone has names to do I can do them, plus I can get others in my district to help out so send 'em on. We have gym once a day, it's pretty fun. I play 4-square alot. We eat 3 times a day, obviously, but most of the day is spent in our little room learning Doctrine and Espanol. One thing that's not so good is that I haven't been getting alot of sleep, I don't know why. The bed is actually quite comfortable, I might go to the Health Cntr and get some sleeping pills. I get along great with all the members of my district, the teachers Hermano Williams and Hermana Rivera are great also. They are both students at BYU. I think I lost Mike's address so send it to me. We forgot to get my PSP out of my carry-on bag so I'll send that home in a package. I put Katie's quote about shooting stars up on the board and everyone thought it was funny. I received Tanner's recap of the game, much anticipated by the way. I'll be taking more pictures while I wait for my old memory card to return. Tell Dad I always figured that was going to happen to the boat eventually, that's why I always walked to the front when they were pulling me up.
There isn't anything I like doing but shining shoes! I've got my old ones looking good!
Our zone leader looks just like Joey Beneviedes. I'm 30-40% certain that it is him insome sort of witness protection program or something. So far Spanish is coming, but slow. I'm able to make basic introductions and understand somewhat of what people are saying.
Send me some ties that are trade-worthy (not important ones) so I can participate in some Saturday night tie trading. There are some pictures of the action on the memory card, it's actually pretty amazing. By the way, the easiest way to get the pictures of the card is to put it on Deena's camera and use the chord. Also, remember I'm in "prison" here, so some CNN style world news would be good once in a while. Tell Katie that I want Braves news, the season has got to be started by now! Elder Roberts (one of my District comrods) is the spitting image of Barack Obama. We have more Democrats in our District than Republicans, 3 Dems, 2 Repub, and the Canadian doesn't count. Once a week we go to the computer lab and answer calls, the number you see on the screen to get a free BofM or.....that's us for an hour per week. I talked to a man from Tennessee last week, it didn't go so well. I love the NC razor, how on earth did you find that!
Ma, I don't know how you could have lived here for so long, I am so sick of that mountain at our window I've had dreams of blowing it up!
We get to teack fake investigators once a week, they have this building here that looks like apartments on the inside, we actually knock on the door, introduce, and teach the lesson to them. I was so nervous my first time, but I feel I know enough now to actually teach the lesson, its still kind of strange. It's also a little strange wearing a suit all day long, but I'm getting used to it. I would kill for a Dr Pepper righ now, but luckily they have milk so I'm not going completely crazy. All in all things aren't too bad here, it's not home, but it could be alot worse. I've tried to jot down everything you'd find interesting. I want you to know that I think about you every day. Tell Dad, Katie, Jake, Gma, Deena....... that I love them very much. I love you very much Ma. Don't worry about me. I'm fine. I'll try to write again soon so be ready. I love you, Your son, Elder Jordan Guthrie
PS I'm not joking about that Yahtzee game! Peek into my Sunday School class and say hello. Leave a washclothe in our shower and don't tell Katie how it got there, just for kicks. Tell Michael "Hola Meeechelle"
Peace Out

Friday, April 24, 2009

Answer: About the same as winning the state lottery.

Question: What are the chances that Grandma can call the 800 number that goes to the MTC (the one you call to get a free video or BofM) and Elder Jordan Guthrie, who mans one of the lines for one hour a week (which hour is unknown to us)will answer.

It's true, ever since we found out from on of Jordy's letters that he answers the 800 number one hour a week Grandma Drexell has fought the urge to call until she gets Jordy on the line. Don't worry though, we're keeping her busy and away from phones!

Sorry for not posting the last few letters from Elder Guthrie, I'll have to work on that. This past Wednesday he shared an interesting story. He was doing his hour manning the phone and the first call he received was from a woman who said,"My mother is dying. Can you help me save her?" If he'd been telling me the story in person I would have laughed at this point, thinking it was some misdirected 911 call. I'm glad it was through his 30 minute computer time instead, because I could tell from the rest of the story that Jordy was sincere. He said, "Ma, I wasn't even nervous. I just let the Spirit help me know what to say to her." They spoke for a while and she agreed to let the missionaries come to her house and give her a discussion.

The more I communicate with my missionary son I am amazed at how much he is growing and I am more and more sure that this mission is where he is suppose to be. I think of all the things that I would have prevented him from doing for himself because I love him and want to make his load lighter. If you're a parent, you know what I mean.

Then I thought about another young man who served a mission of sorts. His father loved him too. On his mission he was asked to give his very life for the good of all mankind. Surely his Father ached to make his son's load easier. But there was a plan, and hard as it was for the Father, he knew not to interfere. Our Father in Heaven loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to earth and allowed Him to suffer and die for us.

I know that, along with the uplifting times, Jordy will experience trying times on his mission. But I also know that, like someone I love once said, "If we can't send Mike Hancock's grandson to do the hard stuff, who can we send?"