Friday, May 1, 2009

News About Mexican Missions

I am the member of an e-mail group of moms with missionaries either going to Mexican missions, in Mexican missions, or RMs from Mexico. During all this Swine Flu stuff we've been really busy talking back and forth, as you can imagine. What follows is a note from a mother I thought you'd be interested in.


I have just set a new record for bursting into tears faster than anyone ever has. I got a phone call at work today. When I said "hello", I heard a man say "hi". I had no idea who it was until the voice said, "This is your son". I was not expecting to hear from Josh and so it was such a shock that I burst into tears. Everyone here at work agrees that I have indeed set a record for the fastest tears. He could only talk for about 5 minutes, so I tried to get as much out of him as I could. You would not believe the "Spanish" accent he does when he speaks spanish. He sounded like the same old Josh, yet a few notches higher. Does that make any sense? So spiritual, so mature - with Joshie mixed in. Oh my gosh. Okay here's the scoop. The missionaries from Mexico just a little while ago were told to go to the travel office. It was there that they were told to go call their families (some of you will already know all of this!) because they are being delayed. The brethren are making th!
eir decision this next Wednesday as to what to do. They told them to expect ten days to a couple months delay. If it ends up being months, they will be sent to spanish speaking state side missions until things clear up. He sounded so good - oh, how I miss him! Now I need to go call Guiness! :)

Kristi Myers-Daynes
MM of Joshua Myers, Mexico, Puebla,

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