Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Present Ever!

On Christmas day we talked to Elder Guthrie and he sounded great. Everyone said he would sound different.....but not really. He still sounds like a good old-fashioned Island boy, except for the occasional pause whilst trying to remember the English translation for certain words!
The number we called was a member's house and it was neat to hear him conversing with his new Mexican friends. Needless to say, we were all very impressed with our bilingual missionary.
He and his companion, Elder Ray from California, are having great success. He had a baptism last week and one planned for each of the next 2 weeks, so he was feeling upbeat about that.
If I see you in person you'd better run if you don't want to hear about his "McGyver" actions......let's just say 4 missionaries in Mexico once again have water again thanks to Jordy. He is his Papa's (and his daddy's) boy!
Can you tell we are mighty proud?
Jordy sends you all his love and best wishes for the New Year.
Again, thanks for all your prayers and support.
mm to Elder Jordan Lane Guthrie
Leon, Mexico 3/09-3/11

Monday, December 21, 2009

Just For Christmas.....or 2 Years?

Another MM (Missionary Mom) shared this poem with me. I hope you enjoy it...
This Year for Christmas

I skipped the sales after Thanksgiving.

The thrill just wasn't there.

No pictures taken with Santa Clause,

my decorating has no flair.

His presents are shoes, shirts, and ties,

two suits and fun.

I've bought him all white clothes because...

This year I'm giving Christ my son.

I've spent more time in the temple,

Felt strength come from His words.

I've reread November's Ensign,

and my testimony stirred.

Our family prays more frequently

My tears are quick to run.

Abraham seems closer because,

This year I'm giving Christ my son.

I wonder how those Lamanite mothers,

gave their sons to war?

Or how the pioneers chose Zion ,

their sacrifice was so much more.

My loss will be his presence,

I'll miss his smile a ton

For two years we will pray for him,

I'm giving Christ my son.

I stare at his face when he's not looking.

I memorize his eyes, their shine.

He's always hungered for the part of him,

that makes his soul divine.

The stories and lessons he always heard,

His choice and mine are one.

I'll put my faith in God's hand,

This year, I'm giving Him my son.

Past gifts have lost their glitter,

I think I finally understand

Christ's birth should be celebrated

by giving Him a hand.

It's because I know Christ lives and reigns

that all his packing's done.

My gift has taken years to make,

This year... I'm giving Christ my son

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jordy Sounds Great!

Since Elder Guthrie has been in Mexico I think he may have had some challenging companions. He never tells me much, and is really good at simply avoiding questions he does not want to answer (no matter how many times I ask). When Jordy first got his call to Mexico, several people told him that it would not be an easy mission and mentioned that the work ethic of some of the native Mexican missionaries would be a challenge. Turns out that is probably a true statement. Like I said, Elder Guthrie keeps a lot to himself (he knows his mama worries).
However, from what little I can piece together, he has had a few companions that have been less than 100 percent obedient. Fortunately though, right now he has a really great situation and sounded the best ever since being in Mexico. Here are some of his this week's emails......

ELder Guthrie says....

Well, Ive got some new information about the situation here in Siloa. Sorry I can't chat with you today, this computer is too slow for things like that. So I'll send you info this way. 1, Elder Ray is cool, we worked really hard this week and had alot of sucess, Ithink we will baptise alot together, and 2, Elder Conde got special changes and they sent Elder Mouritsen here to Siloa, that's right, my old MTC companion is here living with us, and I have to admit, it is really fun.

Tell everyone I said hello and Merry Christmas and I miss everyone, especially Jake. Tell Gma I am praying for her and I hope her shoulder is feeling better soon. Tell her I love her.

Tell Tanner good job on the talk.....Tell him if he talks about me it is bound to be a winner!

Tell everyone Merry Christmas and I love you all.
Elder Jordan Guthrie

PS......I am sending you a pic that I just received....can you find me?
dont have any idea about them, i do know that we will be able to talk with a 5 minute phone call, or email before the day to set things up, but as i understand it, you will be the one calling to a number, (probably a member), so they don't have to pay. But enough about that, what's happening in ole HI¿?

elders policarpo and conde got special changes, and BO is with my old comp.
Ive opened some boxes, some candy, some cards, ...... thanks for the 50 bucks btw. The card was nice, I'll look in the oatmeal box tonight. I'm saving some boxes for cmas, to make it feel a little more special. YOUR TURN, what's happening home, katie, dad..... gma...... pf.

Tell gma im still praying for her, and what kind of net are you hanging in the yard? Ocean mullet net perhaps?

Why don't you send me a card with Jake sitting beside the tree with perfect lighting and such. It would be wondermous, I'd also like a family pic and such, or so on and so forth.

the fudge was good, everyone liked it

Ja ja ja, thats funny, tell him im doin alright, and even having fun right now with a cool companion and my old comp here, it's really kind of fun, I sent josh an email, but I;m not sure if its his or not(email adress) when you see him again, ask him if he got my email, if not, tell him to send me one so I can email back.....
ok, i have to go, I'll keep care of my card, until next week, I love you and will be thinking about youáll, love you forever, bye