Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peanut Butter.....Please!

So anything good happening lately? Not much happening in mex right now, this Monday and along with all the Mondays in August are sacrifice month, meaning our pday ends at 12. Not good!!!! No baptisms, next week I'll try to send you the pictures of the baptisms I do have. The language is coming, I reckon, I can pretty much understand most everything in regular talk, so that's good. I'll send another email.
Has dad fixed my boat yet? Has mom sent that book yet, I finished Jesus the Christ already (700+) pages, and now I have nothing to look at before bed:) All in all I just want two books, one is the HI history book that Uncle Joel wrote that you already know about, the other is Wars of the Jews, Jesus the Christ references it alot, look into it, if it's difficult don't worry about it. I just receive the dear elder from you and mom about going to the temple, slow huh! Changes are coming up in a few weeks, I actually would like to stay in my current area, its alot better than most of the areas in the city, and my companion only has 2 months left, so I wouldn't mind seeing him to the end.
Another apostle will come either next month or the one after, we had 310 baptisms as a mission this month. Tell Deena I'm giving here a new job, use dear elder to send me some NEWS, the US could be at war with Canada for all I know!
By the way, I just peeked at and they are in 2nd in the division and over 500, not bad if you ask me. By the way it's 84 degrees in HI right now. And just because the braves suck (IN KATIE'S OPINION) doesn't mean to stop sending news!!!
So Katie talked huh, let me guess: 5 minutes and she read the whole thing! I had to teach the young men/women yesterday, IN SPANISH, about the purpose of the book of Mormon. Esta bien. It's all good.
By the way hows my boy Barak doin? Tearin' it up in the political circuit? How's the stock market? Tell Deena I want NEWS!!!! All I can do is glance at the San Luis Today on the street, AND IT'S IN SPANIS!!!. Hows the number 1 bicheon in the world doing?
Good girl, Katie, a CHEVROLET!
Tell Grandmazah I love her and will be praying for her. I got the pictures and showed them to a very interested Mexican family. I might buy myself something for my bday, get Katie something nice for her bday.
I wouldn't mind some freaking peanut butter right now!!! (He's got some on the way)
they dont have peanut butter in mex, or jelly, or salad dressing, or....
Remember, forgive the type-os, its a mexican keyboard, every other letter is something like
ª"ª/Ñ , its not like I'm typing on an American beauty like you!
Well I've got to go, talk again next week, it's been fun, just like old times. I love you, tell mom, Dad, Gma, jake, Deena and the rest of the gang that I love them too, I miss all of ya, and I'll keep on keepin on down here in ole mex. I love you all very much. HASTA LUEGO

*Just in case anyone doesn't know...Jordy referenced praying for Grandma because she has a severely torn rotator cuff (I guess that is what it is called) and is scheduled for surgery Aug 12th. Please keep her in your prayers.

Missionary Mom to Elder Jordy Guthrie, Leon, Mexico, 3/09-3/11 (I just like to write that!)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What A Difference A Year Makes!

Just one year ago and Elder Guthrie was on a bus trip to Palmyra. Don't I wish I could kiss the back of his neck right now!
Oh well, now we are past 4 months and headed to 5. You know what comes next: SIX MONTHS, and that's a milestone! (Am I rushing it too much?)

Not much from Jordy this week. He sounds like he is staying really busy...always a good thing. I think he goes to the same member's house to email us. I would love to see it!
Anyway, here is what Elder Guthrie had to say this week:

Monday, July 20th

Que mas? I guess the Spanish is coming along, i really understand alot more now, cant talk all that much but at least im not completely lost! About gospel situations im really alright, most of the words i already know, dont say much, but again, im not completely lost. How about the sports news i asked for, on the way? Pics of katies car? General info about mi casa? Has dad fixed my boat yet, tell him keeper in shape or there will be "·$% to pay!!! I really dont have any new pics to send today, again, not much interesting here, just walking, talk to a few people, walk some more, figure out where we are, walk some more..... thats pretty much our day, walking. By the way what does katie want for her birthday? Dont know how ill do it but i want to get her something, maybe get her something from me:)
We get about 100 dollars every month, thats about 1300 pesos, more than enough. Havent spent much.
Funny story, Elder hansen only had about 50 pesos for the rest of the month, ( and that was last week, 50 pesos is like 4 dollars!!!) He asked me for a loan and i said "Why, you have 50 pesos" his companion looked at me and said "ES POR LA PROXIMA SEMANA" (Its for next week!!!) It was really funny, its all they had between the two of them, i did lend em some pesos.
Thax for the pics of the cape, wish i could have been there. I think this family wants to go to north carolina. Not a bad place to set camp if you ask me. Well, remember to get katie something from me when it bday time, tanner too for that matter. Well, i have to go, i love you all very much, yeh even katie, especially jake, and mom already knows. I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH. Hasta luego. will talk again next week. Bye

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pictures from Jordy's Mission President!

I got an email from Elder Guthrie's mission president today. I am pretty sure it was taken when they first arrived in Mexico. They are a bunch of handsome young men, especially the blond one on the left! As I looked at his smiling face all I could think of was, "Wouldn't his Papa be proud!?" One thing is for sure: Papa's influence in Elder Guthrie's life has played a big part in getting him where he is today and is felt in all of our lives every day. I know his smile is as big as Jordy's.

I will try to include the letter from Pres. Cox as well.

June 29, 2009

Dear Guthrie Famiy:

It was a pleasure to welcome Elder Guthrie has he arrived in our mission. He has been assigned to work with one of our outstanding trainers. We are enclosing a map showing hi area and photographs taken upon his arrival.

Sister Cox and I acknowledge the efforts and sacrifice necessary to support your missionary during his mission. Be assured that his service will bless the lives of many, not just those in our mission but others in his won family as well, he will represent the Lord as His ambassador as he goes forward finding and teaching the restored Gospel to the Lord’s children. As a missionary, he has covenanted to bring souls unto Christ. Ultimately, he will reap the blessings of his service all the days of his life.

In order to be successful, a missionary must remain focused, motivated and diligent in doing the Lord’s work. You can help by communicating weekly with tour missionary. Please send encouraging and uplifting letters and e-mail. Missionary work, though richly rewarding, can also be very demanding. Please do not let a week go by without sending your love and encouragement. Make sure that you send letters in addition to your e-mails.
Because missionaries use public libraries to get their e-mail, many times they are unable to print their mail to reread later. Nothing brings a simile to a missionary’s face like a letter from home.

If there is an emergency that you feel needs to be communicated to your missionary or you have questions or concerns, please call me. You can contact the office at 01- 800-926-65-36 or (477) 770-12-21 or by e-mail at My home number is 01-800-021-83-93 or (477) 770-83-05 and my cell number is (477)724-49-43. My personal e-mail is

We love our Heavenly Father and count it a privilege to serve among our faithful missionaries. This is the work of the Lord. Please remember that your missionary is in His care and His service. May the Lord bless and inspire you as your missionary fulfills covenant made with our Heavenly Father.

President Robert T. Cox
Mexico Leon Mission

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can You Believe He's Been in Mexico A Whole Month Already?

One Month in Mexico

Finally heard from Elder Guthrie. I think I refreshed the computer screen 100 times today, no exaggeration!

Here is what he had to say:

First, I asked him:
1. Where are you emailing from today?
2. How many investigators do you have now? Any more baptisms?
3. Have you rec'd any more packages? I sent the one with the little give-away toys for the kiddos and some stuff for you. Did you ever get the little over the door bb goal? (It was a really nice one and I sent a pump too for the ball)
4. Have you had a district meeting and seen any of the guys you were with at the mtc yet? How often are they?
5. Do you have an interview with the mission pres routinely?
6. How does your money work? You mentioned they give you a certain amt each month in your lds acct. It doesn't look to me like you have used any of your personal acct money, so I was wondering if you ever (on p-day) get to go shopping, like at wal mart?
7. Have you any idea how much your mama and Jake love you?

He wrote back:

1 The same members house, really nice
2 we have 5 of six, no more bautisms, YET
3 I just got the bb game, it is really nice, but no more other than that
4 every week we have a district mtg., but only elder Hansen is in my district from the mtc, and i see him all day on monday anyway
5 about once every 8 weeks, i already had one and more are coming up in about 2 weeks or so
6Yeah we get about 1100 pesos about every month, thats about 100 dollars but alot here, i just got more today and really and truly i don't need any more
7 I have an idea

He sent some pictures of his “home” too, FINALLY! I will try to post them here.

Here's the rest of our conversation:

here are some pics of "home", the picture of the sticker is on ALL of the homes, it says that "this house is catholic, we love the virgin, our church, and we don't accept protestant propaganda, some actually say we don't listen to Mormons!!! Que mas? I met a magic man the other day, we knocked on his door and started teaching, it turned into a magic show, he did some amazing things, card tricks blew my mind, I cut a rope in half and he made it whole again, don't ask me how, we also were given some magic tricks for the road. I think it was real magic!!!!

I hope you got the pics, and the responses to the questions, just another week in Mexico, the language is a little better, I pick up a few more things, I can say one or two more things, all in all it's just the way the cookie crumbles. Oh yeah, i have the reimbursement of the plane ticket, it's a check from the church, I'll send it home next week. I can't believe Frenchy is traded to the Mets, that's freaking crazy, the METS. I bet Katie pooped a goose egg. Oh well, it would have happened anyway. Remember to send me the draft news, along with other sports news by dear elders. I just got a couple of cards form Florida on Friday, but I've got some more recent ones since then.

Well, not much to write about this week, Other than the wicked magic by the magic man!!!! I love you very much, all of you, Tell jake i love him very much but do it in his native tongue. So katies car is totaled huh, what next for her, a new car? Tell her she can't have my truck, ( freak her out, act like you're keeping a secret from her, like you're talking to me on the phone and quickly hang up when she sees you) Anywho, i love you very much and ill write more this week, got to go to district mtg. I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH, hasta luego.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three Weeks in Mexico

Jordy sounded better this week. He had longer to email...still at a member's house. Basically he said everything is going fine and the language is "coming slowly". Here's what he had to say when I asked about what he eats. Needless to say, Katie and I were off to WalMart to get him some pop tarts, peanut butter, and cereal (aka, the basics)

In Elder Guthrie's own words...
Don't eat breakfast or dinner, that's a good thing, mexican food is magic, all you have to do is look at it and you're not hungry anymore, you can skip the whole eating thing, i think i've lost alot of weight since i've been here already, i have to wear a belt with my shorts, but it's not bad as long as i can eat everything on the plate the people won't get offended. I'm never hungry here though, it's really weird, when gingos(that's what americans are called here) come, we lose our appetite, nobody knows why. Oh yeah, and elder from nc just went home, his name was elder thomas, he lives in charlotte, he was in my district, changes just went by so i'll be in this same area for at least another 6 weeks.

Here's some questions I asked, along with his answers.

1. Where do you live?
2. What is the place like? More of a city? Country? Mix?
3. How is the language coming?
4. Do you need anything?
5. Have you gotten any packages?
6. What is church like in Mexico? Does it (sacrament mtg, for example) feel like it does at home, kind of?
7. What is up with you only having such a short time to communicate last week? I hope it is not a trend!
8. Is it getting any easier? Please say yes!

1I live in an apartment,
2City but outskirts,
3Nada, really slow,
5One package, the book from pres hancock not, send annother,
6Smaller ward, not piano ect, really bad singing, Reall BAD,
7This weeks beter heh,
8Sure, what you said

Every week means he is more familiar with his area, language, customs, etc. And, every day brings him closer to will come, and in the meantime, aren't those people in Mexico lucky?