Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peanut Butter.....Please!

So anything good happening lately? Not much happening in mex right now, this Monday and along with all the Mondays in August are sacrifice month, meaning our pday ends at 12. Not good!!!! No baptisms, next week I'll try to send you the pictures of the baptisms I do have. The language is coming, I reckon, I can pretty much understand most everything in regular talk, so that's good. I'll send another email.
Has dad fixed my boat yet? Has mom sent that book yet, I finished Jesus the Christ already (700+) pages, and now I have nothing to look at before bed:) All in all I just want two books, one is the HI history book that Uncle Joel wrote that you already know about, the other is Wars of the Jews, Jesus the Christ references it alot, look into it, if it's difficult don't worry about it. I just receive the dear elder from you and mom about going to the temple, slow huh! Changes are coming up in a few weeks, I actually would like to stay in my current area, its alot better than most of the areas in the city, and my companion only has 2 months left, so I wouldn't mind seeing him to the end.
Another apostle will come either next month or the one after, we had 310 baptisms as a mission this month. Tell Deena I'm giving here a new job, use dear elder to send me some NEWS, the US could be at war with Canada for all I know!
By the way, I just peeked at and they are in 2nd in the division and over 500, not bad if you ask me. By the way it's 84 degrees in HI right now. And just because the braves suck (IN KATIE'S OPINION) doesn't mean to stop sending news!!!
So Katie talked huh, let me guess: 5 minutes and she read the whole thing! I had to teach the young men/women yesterday, IN SPANISH, about the purpose of the book of Mormon. Esta bien. It's all good.
By the way hows my boy Barak doin? Tearin' it up in the political circuit? How's the stock market? Tell Deena I want NEWS!!!! All I can do is glance at the San Luis Today on the street, AND IT'S IN SPANIS!!!. Hows the number 1 bicheon in the world doing?
Good girl, Katie, a CHEVROLET!
Tell Grandmazah I love her and will be praying for her. I got the pictures and showed them to a very interested Mexican family. I might buy myself something for my bday, get Katie something nice for her bday.
I wouldn't mind some freaking peanut butter right now!!! (He's got some on the way)
they dont have peanut butter in mex, or jelly, or salad dressing, or....
Remember, forgive the type-os, its a mexican keyboard, every other letter is something like
ª"ª/Ñ , its not like I'm typing on an American beauty like you!
Well I've got to go, talk again next week, it's been fun, just like old times. I love you, tell mom, Dad, Gma, jake, Deena and the rest of the gang that I love them too, I miss all of ya, and I'll keep on keepin on down here in ole mex. I love you all very much. HASTA LUEGO

*Just in case anyone doesn't know...Jordy referenced praying for Grandma because she has a severely torn rotator cuff (I guess that is what it is called) and is scheduled for surgery Aug 12th. Please keep her in your prayers.

Missionary Mom to Elder Jordy Guthrie, Leon, Mexico, 3/09-3/11 (I just like to write that!)

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