Monday, March 22, 2010

A Missionary's Shoes

I've heard that you can look at a missionary's shoes and tell how long they have been on their mission....and I believe it. Elder Guthrie sent some pictures home today and included was a couple of his shoes. When his father got home from work and saw them he wanted me to see what it would cost to overnight a pair of Ecco shoes to Mexico!

Here's how our conversation went:

me: whose shoe is that!

Jordy: that would be mine
cool eh

me: Jordan>>>>>>do you have any other shoes?????????????
I am going to order you some shoes as soon as we finish chatting

Jordy: yes i have others that i wear on sunday

me: you might as well tell me the kind you want and size, b/c that is pitiful
your poor feet! you need another pair of shoes, Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordy: no i dont want new shoes, im just gonna get some super glue and yeah, it'll be done

me: why didn't you tell your mama
YES Jordan. Simply YES you have another year to wear the new ones out

Jordy: because i don't need new shoes, it's a symbol that you have time in the mission, it's cool

me: Jordan, i am serious, you have another year to wear out some shoes
and you can still put those other things that USED to be shoes on when you want to make a big impression.....what kind and what size

Jordy: ok, these eccos really took a beating, and now they are showing, not sure what size, think 10.5, but not sure, eccos whould be nice, they really take a beating

me: ok
is that what they are called Eccos i think
are they the ones we got from the missionary mall
that the guy delivered to the mtc?

Jordy: dont remember, maybe
they were both delivered to me in the mtc.....
how about health care eh?

me: well, if they are they are the ones that you COULD send back for a new pair, which I know you will not do b/c they are such a SYMBOL
yeah, the health care bill passed

Needless to say, I will be shoe shopping asap.

PS......I have pictures to add, but my computer isn't cooperating tonight. Check back later in the week, maybe I will be more successful later.
I will have pictures of THE SHOES and one of his new apartment, which he says is the best yet. According to Jordy, it's like taking a shower at the Holiday Inn...whatever that means!

PSS...Well, I still can't get the pictures to load....but the shoes are on their way to Mexico!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"The Closer"

So, today was one of those days when I practically sat at the computer, staring at the screen all day. Elder Guthrie had gotten really good lately at emailing us around noon every Monday, so I guess I had gotten spoiled. He'd mentioned last week that changes were coming, but he didn't expect to be transferred. If anything, he thought maybe his companion would be changed. Well, that goes to show, you never really know.....because sure enough, Elder Guthrie has been changed. He is no longer in Aguacalientes. His new home is a place called lagos de moreno. Here is a little of what he said today about his new area...

"1 change and im back in leon oeste(the old zone)
yeah im stepfather again.....its in jalisco, the only city we have in this state
im back in the zone of leon oeste( the zone i was in when i was in silao)
im in the city of lagos de moreno
elder hansen the secretary is in my zone, also elder ray, and buxton
my new companion has only been out 6 weeks, elder luna from mexico city
(in reference to his new home) its big, the biggest and nicest ive seen,
we have to go to leon for distirct meeting, its 2 hours away and we have to be there at 8
i got up at 5 this morning
The pics are of baptism we had this week, me and bishop, old comp, and one of new one"

Then, and this is my favorite part, in talking about why he thinks he was transfered:

"this distict had ZERO baptisms last month, im thinking thats why im here
i am, ¨the cleaner¨"

He has his work cut out for him in his new is not known as an area that supports its missionaries all that well, but maybe 'The Cleaner' will change all that. Here's what Elder Guthrie said about it...

"we have a momita here, she fixes food every day
the members (im told) arent very good with the missionaries
don't talk to them and stuff, just what ive heard"

One good thing about his new area is it is known thoughout the mission as having the best looking women folk, according to Elder Guthrie. Maybe that is why he has such a smile on his face in this week's pictures!

Finally, in chatting about how his Spanish is coming along......

(deena: can you roll your rrrrrrr's yet?
Jordy: kind of, not really, its not as important as you think
me: but, on a scale from 1 to 10 , how comfortable are you speaking to the avg person on the street?
Jordy: 8.5)

He didn't have much time to chat. Being the Senior companion, he feels the need to set a good I guess that is good. Still, I hate to hear him say "5 more minutes"
We always end by telling him that we love him (which he knows) and reminding him to be safe (which I sure hope he does). Looking at the news lately, it seems there is never any good news coming out of Mexico. Deena reminds me that all the drug killings and really awful stuff is on the border and that Mexico is a big country and Jordy is far from the border. Yet, when I hear Mexico I think of him and how it might impact him, even if he is hundreds of miles away. So, I guess what I am trying to say is PLEASE PRAY for Elder Guthrie. He could use all of your prayers as he begins work in this new area and Mexico really isn't the safest place on earth.
Elder Guthrie sounded very upbeat today so I am going to try to remember that this week and not concentrate on the a matter of fact, when I hear the word Mexico on the news I am going to turn the station. Yeah, right!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March is Finally Here!

Got a chance to "chat" with Elder Guthrie for a while today. He still sounds good. He sent some new pictures, which I have included here. They include a picture of his most recent baptism, his church building, and some of just him. Enjoy.