Monday, August 30, 2010

Decisions, Decisions....

Elder Guthrie sounded good today. No baptisms this week, but possibilities for next week. It's hard to get answers from him, and the Mexican internet won't win any awards any time soon, but we did find out that "changes" were yesterday and he didn't get transferred this time. He told us about some "busy" P-Day stuff he had to do and I asked if he liked being the senior companion. He said it was fine, but sometimes there were hard decisions that were his to make. I told him that was just one of the life lessons this time in Mexico was teaching him: not everything about being an adult is fun and easy, but in the end it will all be worth it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Mexican Marriage and Baptism

Jordy and his companion had what he called a "freebie" baptism this week. RM Elder Frame returned to Mexico to marry a girl he taught while on his mission. Her name is Carla and Jordy said she is really cool. Jordy was never Elder Frame's companion, but they lived in the same house while they were both serving in San Luis Pitosi.
Elder Guthrie also reported that he cleaned his house today....and did not like it at all. I also learned he has been doing quite a bit of cooking, which, if you knew the pre-mission Jordy, you would be very shocked at that bit of news. He wanted to know what I put in French toast other than eggs and cinnamon. My boy is really growing up!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy to See Anything From Home!

Elder Guthrie spotted another NC license plate! As you can tell, he is excited to see anything from his home state.
He seems to have been a busy missionary of late. The whole mission is getting used to a new mission president and new ways of doing things. Jordy is still with Elder Richards, who is of his "generation". They had a baptism this week, a young boy named Paco, who Jordy really seems to have taken a "liken" to. Paco was found by "knocking doors" and he wants to go on a mission one day.
The other pictures shows Elder Richards showing off his latest box from home. I can only imagine how happy they are when they get boxes! I asked Jordy why he didn't show his stuff off like that and he said he would consider it.
Elder Guthrie is a hard one to get info out of, probably b/c he is always so busy and his mind is going in so many directions during his brief time at the computer, but I did get a little information that I thought was interesting. Apparently Jordy teaches English Tues-Thurs nights at the church. If you know Jordy you know his students couldn't have a nicer, more patient teacher. However, if they are learning their English SPELLING from Elder Guthrie thay will bee mitee poor spelers!
Keep Elder Guthrie and the Leon, Mexican missionaries in your prayers as they become accustomed to their new mission is a true growth experience for them. Thanks again to all who follow Elder Guthrie's blog and support Jordy during this very special time in his life. I know he feels the love!