Monday, May 24, 2010

Can I Get a Steak with that Mt Dew?

So, last week it was Mt Dew, this week Elder Guthrie enjoyed a rare (or well done) treat....a T-bone steak! His Grandma Drexell made him promise to get one during his Mother's Day phone call, and, ever the man of his word, that is just what he did!
On the mission front, he sounds a little stressed, but not complaining. You might say it is just a "mama" instinct. Then again, maybe I am just reading things into stuff.....maybe so.
He sounded good and as always, asks about everyone at home and sends his love to all of you. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers....only about 10 more months!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mt Dew in Mexico....A Rare Thing!

Another Baptism.......Referrals Work

Elder Guthrie was glad to report another baptism this week. It was a young man that was referred to him and his companion. We could all make a full time missionary's job so much easier if we did this more? So why is it so hard to do?
Jordy was really busy and didn't have much time to chat, but he sounded good. He sent some pictures and a couple of short video clips. I will TRY to add them, but no promises!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great Article....Thanks, Deena

My sister, Deena, stumbled upon this article recently. It is technically about Spanish speaking missionaries serving in Texas, but I am sure the same can be said of missionaries everywhere who work diligently to serve the Lord and bring the precious truths of the Gospel to all the world.
Check it out, I think you'll enjoy it.
Thanks, sis!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

He Sounded GREAT!

It was a WonDerFuL Mother's Day in the Guthrie household. Randy, Noah and the boys continued a tradition of pampering the women of the family by making a wonderful Sunday dinner. We weren't allowed to lift a finger, which is something I could get used to!
It was dinner on Katie's deck and then nothing left to do but wait: Wait for The Call!
We called Jordy promptly at six pm (5 o'clock in Mexico...which lends credence to the saying "It's five o'clock somewhere"!)
Elder Guthrie sounded great! He was funny...not so much an accent as the inability to remember the English word for certain words (baseball is played on a what?). If anything he has a bit of a Utah accent.
Talking to Jordy has had but one negative side effect: we miss him even more now. It was hard to hang up. Fortunately we can do hard things. Only one more phone call before he gets home!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Looking forward to Mother's Day.......An Understatement!

Elder Guthrie was excited about the prospects of upcoming baptisms today. He thinks he may have as many as 5 soon. He had his orders to have all the Mother's Day phone call details by the time he emailed me today, and he was a very good boy. I have the number, I have the time to call, and I have a heart that is overflowing! I can't wait to hear my missionary son on Sunday. Sometimes we take the smallest things for granted when the ones we love are near, but the sound of his voice is something I am so looking forward to hearing!
I am still trying to upload some pictures, so maybe you'll get a chance to see updates of the handsome missionary soon.