Monday, August 31, 2009

A Birthday Present for Papa

Monday, August 31

Sorry I took so long to write today, went to Sam's Club with some other elders and bought some stuff. Used my business member card, wooo. I also went to Sears and looked at belts. I'm gonna have to buy a new one soon, been cutting holes in my old one, cut two new holes already and it's loose again. Tried on a 36 belt and it fit pretty good but didn't like the color and it was the only 36 in the store.

No weather exitement, we had alot of rain today though.
Lookin forward to the newspapers, and pants, I straight up lost one pair of pants... And the other two that I wear all the time are getting a little worn looking, after only two months and change in Mexico.

So let me tell you a story about a woman named Esmiralda. We knocked on her door, taught her, bought her to church, to a baptism in another ward, she prayed and received an answer. But one day we went to her house and she didn't want to listen anymore. It was really bad, we had to drop her. But that same bad day we met Juan Carlos. He actually contacted us, he wanted to know what we do since he sees us in the street all day. A long story short, he will be baptised on the 8th of September. If you're counting that makes 12!!!! We have other investigators but that's all I have to say about that.

Jordy's mama writing here.....
SO, for those who may not know....Sept 8th is Papa's birthday. I can't think of anything he would like better than to see Jordy Boy....Elder Jordan Guthrie, and Juan Carlos enter the waters of baptism. Happy birthday, Papa. Give Charlie a great big kiss from his mama!
Have a GREAT week, Elder Guthrie

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not Bragging, But #1 in the World!!!!!!

August 25th

Necicita ser mas rapido con email por favor. Yep, whats up?

Where is everybody, remember reguarly ill be sending in the morning again. This really is no fun without back and forth. Ive got an idea, before every monday send an email of questions so ill have something to respond to, im really running out of ideas here. All in all the language is coming along, slowly, i can understand most everything, understand spanish scriptures,.... Still cant say a whole lot, i can teach but not much more. Yep, just the same ole thing, but id like to hear whats happening in ole HI, new people, anything.
Guess what, i gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday, and yes, i was nervous. My first talk in mex, about missionary work and the importance of faith in missionary work. We had one more baptism this week, his name is Rafael, 14yo, we had been trying to get him baptised before i left for satelite, but the job is done now.
We actually have 3 more fechas(baptismal dates), a catholic woman who STUDIES the bible, she prayes and really received and answer, her date is for 4th of september
I'm trying to send some pictures on another email. hope it works.
So whats up in ole HI, is katie in class now, did you buy her a new computer, is she using mine? What has she said about her classes?
I enjoyed my latest batch of mail, about a month old sure, but its nice to have, no new packages yet.

Not really many mosquitos where im at, to water!!! Yeh its actually not very hot here right now. Cold in the morning.
Yeh, i can see moutains all the time, its really desert here, cactus and all, again ill try to take some more pictures this week and send them to you.
By the way i just found my mission blog and posted my first post on it, kind of cool if you ask me. Pictures and all.
Do you have pictures, i love showing pictures of fishing to people, next time you go get tanner to take the camera, i mean he really doesn't have a good track record with electronics on the boat, but deenas camera is waterproof!!!

Elder Christensen's talk was good, had a translator and all, not elder bednars though. By the way WE WILL PROBABLY BE #1 MISSION IN ALL THE WORLD THIS MONTH, hard to beat ha ha ha...

Yeh i have to wear a belt with all my shorts and stuff now, my coat can just about wrap around twice, probably gonna have to buy a new one, by the way look into sending my suit I sent home back to me, it was smaller and all, may be able to use that one for a while.
Been getting a few cards from them, and yes ive got a few 10s, that's 120 pesos, you can buy a car and 3 houses for that, tell Uncle Paul thanks.
Im not worried about my teams, im sure they'll pull through, and trust in your president.
They have hamburgers and hot dogs, actually i had hot dogs yesterday, but not very often, there are no chimichangas here, thats mex-american food, and yes, its a little different here. They really like tomatos, i HATE tomatos.
Well, this will probably be my last one, i just want to tell everybody that i love you, and we'll talk next week. Especially Jake. Yep, another week in ole mex. I love you all very much, tell Gma i love her and pray for her every night. Bye

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Not what you are thinking, not Home sweet home, but Mexican Home Sweet Home. Sorry for not posting last week, but as many of you know, Jordy's Grandma Drexell had surgery and the past few days/weeks have been a bit of a blur. Not to mention that Jordy's sister, Katie, started UNCW this week too. Excuses, excuses I know, but there has been a LOT going on lately!
Meanwhile, my Mexican missionary has had a few really busy weeks as well. Due to a problem with another missionary who President Cox wanted to be assigned with Elder Guthrie's companion, Jordy was moved to another town not too far away from Popular. It was all kind of sudden, with Jordy not even being able to tell many of the special members and investigators he had met good-bye. Apparently the problem missionary had either more severe problems than Jordy disclosed, or he made an amazing turn-around, because you will see from this week's posts that he is now back in his first area again. (Which is now also his 3rd and 1st area....anyone confused?)

Here is Elder Jordan Guthrie's posts from Aug 17, 2009, enjoy!

Hola, well i am here

Actually i have news, changes were sunday and were were told i would be staying in satelite for at least 6 more weeks, but when we went yesterday to leon to see Elder Christopherson i got more news, im actually back in my old area with my old companion, was a surprise. But yep, back in the ole breeding grounds again, ill be his last companion. He goes home 28 de september. I like pupular better so its all good with me.

Yep, 2 weeks in satelite and im back in popular, home sweet home

Esta bien. Well as you know we went yesterday to see elder christopherson, it was cool, all the missionaries in the mission was there, i saw all my old zone members again. We had a translator so we could understand everything, i could probably understand but didnt want to take the chance. (Elder christopherson speaks spanish) It took all day, and i spent all night( 2 hours) packing to go back to popular. Since im back the emails will be more or less like before, monday in the morning, but again, no promises.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Ride to Leon

Well not much goin on here in ole mex, just another week gone by, no more baptisms, and sorry, don't have my camera so i can't send you any more pictures this week, next week i promise. So what's going on in ole HI, anything new, old nada mas, dad fixed my boat yet? I'm at a different place taday for this mail, the family we normally spend pday at their house and do washing, and email and so forth are now out of town on vacation. And so i'm at one of those internet places where you have to pay, oh well. Wish katie a day late happy birthday for me, i'm sure her party was "off the hook", with cake, and all of that good stuff.

This month is called sacrifice month, pday usually lasts untill 5 on monday, but every pday in august will only last untill 1030 in the morning, can you believe that. On another note i had to go to Leon on tuesday, problems with my visa, specificaly the pictures we had with it, 3 hours to leon and 3 hours back for something that took 5 minutes. But i got to watch transformers on the way back so ill do it every day if they want me to.

Leon is a lot cleaner and nicer than most of san luis, its bigger too, alot more stuff there, we go on a bus, the bus station is bigger than the airport in raleige (can't spell my own capital) its how everybody travels in mex, and no packages.

Transfers are in 2 weeks, not sure if ill be transfered anywhere, i really would like to stay in Popular (my area) with my current companion, we get along well, plus id like to see him end his mission, now he only has 2 months left, but its all good, wouldn't mind going to leon, dont want to go anywhere else in san luis, but how the cookie crumbles is how the cookie crumbles.

Evidentally I have alot of mail at the mission offices, but the mission mail system is worse than mexicos, it's slower than cold mollasses.

Deena, have you sent me my news yet? Hows ole barak doing? Tell uncle paul i side with him on the carport issue, then tell aunt fran i side with her, shoot, here ill just take a car.

Yeah i actually like that hand sanitizer, by the way, throw in some worthers originals into the next package, and maybe some bit of honey as well, can't find any in mex. And you know i love you too, always and forever (jake), you too ma, and anyone else who is listening. Respond quick

No, no packages lately, but i hear i've got mail at the office, not that they are rushing trying to get it to me. What did you do in Wilmington? (In response to me telling him about a recent trip to Wimington for Katie's birthday. I told him about riding on a horse-drawn tour)
Wouldn't mind being there right now, it's hotter than 37 blazing saddles here, and the only horses you see are the ones pulling a trash cart, and poop in the middle of all the streets, saw one die the the other day. Yeah, kinda like wilmington, eh?

Awh, tell jake i love em, how's the ole feller doin anyway? You know he'd put a hurtin on that cat if he could just get to him, now that's one ferocious dog you got beside you. Que mas?

Well ive got to go, talk again next week, its been fun, just like old times. I love you, tell mom, Dad, Gma, jake, Deena and the rest of the gang that i love them too, i miss all of ya, and ill keep on keepin on down here in ole mex. I love you all very much. HASTA LUEGO