Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Not what you are thinking, not Home sweet home, but Mexican Home Sweet Home. Sorry for not posting last week, but as many of you know, Jordy's Grandma Drexell had surgery and the past few days/weeks have been a bit of a blur. Not to mention that Jordy's sister, Katie, started UNCW this week too. Excuses, excuses I know, but there has been a LOT going on lately!
Meanwhile, my Mexican missionary has had a few really busy weeks as well. Due to a problem with another missionary who President Cox wanted to be assigned with Elder Guthrie's companion, Jordy was moved to another town not too far away from Popular. It was all kind of sudden, with Jordy not even being able to tell many of the special members and investigators he had met good-bye. Apparently the problem missionary had either more severe problems than Jordy disclosed, or he made an amazing turn-around, because you will see from this week's posts that he is now back in his first area again. (Which is now also his 3rd and 1st area....anyone confused?)

Here is Elder Jordan Guthrie's posts from Aug 17, 2009, enjoy!

Hola, well i am here

Actually i have news, changes were sunday and were were told i would be staying in satelite for at least 6 more weeks, but when we went yesterday to leon to see Elder Christopherson i got more news, im actually back in my old area with my old companion, was a surprise. But yep, back in the ole breeding grounds again, ill be his last companion. He goes home 28 de september. I like pupular better so its all good with me.

Yep, 2 weeks in satelite and im back in popular, home sweet home

Esta bien. Well as you know we went yesterday to see elder christopherson, it was cool, all the missionaries in the mission was there, i saw all my old zone members again. We had a translator so we could understand everything, i could probably understand but didnt want to take the chance. (Elder christopherson speaks spanish) It took all day, and i spent all night( 2 hours) packing to go back to popular. Since im back the emails will be more or less like before, monday in the morning, but again, no promises.


  1. Doesn't this sound wonderful?? I love it! Jordan has become a seasoned missionary already- he loves his area, loves his fellow missionaries, loves his work! My heart soars.

  2. La verdad, yo no sabia que yo tenia un blog, by the way this is ELDER jordan guthrie. just found this place, kindof cool if you ask me, pictures and all. Yep everything is good in ole mex.