Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Ride to Leon

Well not much goin on here in ole mex, just another week gone by, no more baptisms, and sorry, don't have my camera so i can't send you any more pictures this week, next week i promise. So what's going on in ole HI, anything new, old nada mas, dad fixed my boat yet? I'm at a different place taday for this mail, the family we normally spend pday at their house and do washing, and email and so forth are now out of town on vacation. And so i'm at one of those internet places where you have to pay, oh well. Wish katie a day late happy birthday for me, i'm sure her party was "off the hook", with cake, and all of that good stuff.

This month is called sacrifice month, pday usually lasts untill 5 on monday, but every pday in august will only last untill 1030 in the morning, can you believe that. On another note i had to go to Leon on tuesday, problems with my visa, specificaly the pictures we had with it, 3 hours to leon and 3 hours back for something that took 5 minutes. But i got to watch transformers on the way back so ill do it every day if they want me to.

Leon is a lot cleaner and nicer than most of san luis, its bigger too, alot more stuff there, we go on a bus, the bus station is bigger than the airport in raleige (can't spell my own capital) its how everybody travels in mex, and no packages.

Transfers are in 2 weeks, not sure if ill be transfered anywhere, i really would like to stay in Popular (my area) with my current companion, we get along well, plus id like to see him end his mission, now he only has 2 months left, but its all good, wouldn't mind going to leon, dont want to go anywhere else in san luis, but how the cookie crumbles is how the cookie crumbles.

Evidentally I have alot of mail at the mission offices, but the mission mail system is worse than mexicos, it's slower than cold mollasses.

Deena, have you sent me my news yet? Hows ole barak doing? Tell uncle paul i side with him on the carport issue, then tell aunt fran i side with her, shoot, here ill just take a car.

Yeah i actually like that hand sanitizer, by the way, throw in some worthers originals into the next package, and maybe some bit of honey as well, can't find any in mex. And you know i love you too, always and forever (jake), you too ma, and anyone else who is listening. Respond quick

No, no packages lately, but i hear i've got mail at the office, not that they are rushing trying to get it to me. What did you do in Wilmington? (In response to me telling him about a recent trip to Wimington for Katie's birthday. I told him about riding on a horse-drawn tour)
Wouldn't mind being there right now, it's hotter than 37 blazing saddles here, and the only horses you see are the ones pulling a trash cart, and poop in the middle of all the streets, saw one die the the other day. Yeah, kinda like wilmington, eh?

Awh, tell jake i love em, how's the ole feller doin anyway? You know he'd put a hurtin on that cat if he could just get to him, now that's one ferocious dog you got beside you. Que mas?

Well ive got to go, talk again next week, its been fun, just like old times. I love you, tell mom, Dad, Gma, jake, Deena and the rest of the gang that i love them too, i miss all of ya, and ill keep on keepin on down here in ole mex. I love you all very much. HASTA LUEGO

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