Thursday, May 13, 2010

He Sounded GREAT!

It was a WonDerFuL Mother's Day in the Guthrie household. Randy, Noah and the boys continued a tradition of pampering the women of the family by making a wonderful Sunday dinner. We weren't allowed to lift a finger, which is something I could get used to!
It was dinner on Katie's deck and then nothing left to do but wait: Wait for The Call!
We called Jordy promptly at six pm (5 o'clock in Mexico...which lends credence to the saying "It's five o'clock somewhere"!)
Elder Guthrie sounded great! He was funny...not so much an accent as the inability to remember the English word for certain words (baseball is played on a what?). If anything he has a bit of a Utah accent.
Talking to Jordy has had but one negative side effect: we miss him even more now. It was hard to hang up. Fortunately we can do hard things. Only one more phone call before he gets home!

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