Monday, March 22, 2010

A Missionary's Shoes

I've heard that you can look at a missionary's shoes and tell how long they have been on their mission....and I believe it. Elder Guthrie sent some pictures home today and included was a couple of his shoes. When his father got home from work and saw them he wanted me to see what it would cost to overnight a pair of Ecco shoes to Mexico!

Here's how our conversation went:

me: whose shoe is that!

Jordy: that would be mine
cool eh

me: Jordan>>>>>>do you have any other shoes?????????????
I am going to order you some shoes as soon as we finish chatting

Jordy: yes i have others that i wear on sunday

me: you might as well tell me the kind you want and size, b/c that is pitiful
your poor feet! you need another pair of shoes, Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordy: no i dont want new shoes, im just gonna get some super glue and yeah, it'll be done

me: why didn't you tell your mama
YES Jordan. Simply YES you have another year to wear the new ones out

Jordy: because i don't need new shoes, it's a symbol that you have time in the mission, it's cool

me: Jordan, i am serious, you have another year to wear out some shoes
and you can still put those other things that USED to be shoes on when you want to make a big impression.....what kind and what size

Jordy: ok, these eccos really took a beating, and now they are showing, not sure what size, think 10.5, but not sure, eccos whould be nice, they really take a beating

me: ok
is that what they are called Eccos i think
are they the ones we got from the missionary mall
that the guy delivered to the mtc?

Jordy: dont remember, maybe
they were both delivered to me in the mtc.....
how about health care eh?

me: well, if they are they are the ones that you COULD send back for a new pair, which I know you will not do b/c they are such a SYMBOL
yeah, the health care bill passed

Needless to say, I will be shoe shopping asap.

PS......I have pictures to add, but my computer isn't cooperating tonight. Check back later in the week, maybe I will be more successful later.
I will have pictures of THE SHOES and one of his new apartment, which he says is the best yet. According to Jordy, it's like taking a shower at the Holiday Inn...whatever that means!

PSS...Well, I still can't get the pictures to load....but the shoes are on their way to Mexico!

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