Saturday, July 25, 2009

What A Difference A Year Makes!

Just one year ago and Elder Guthrie was on a bus trip to Palmyra. Don't I wish I could kiss the back of his neck right now!
Oh well, now we are past 4 months and headed to 5. You know what comes next: SIX MONTHS, and that's a milestone! (Am I rushing it too much?)

Not much from Jordy this week. He sounds like he is staying really busy...always a good thing. I think he goes to the same member's house to email us. I would love to see it!
Anyway, here is what Elder Guthrie had to say this week:

Monday, July 20th

Que mas? I guess the Spanish is coming along, i really understand alot more now, cant talk all that much but at least im not completely lost! About gospel situations im really alright, most of the words i already know, dont say much, but again, im not completely lost. How about the sports news i asked for, on the way? Pics of katies car? General info about mi casa? Has dad fixed my boat yet, tell him keeper in shape or there will be "·$% to pay!!! I really dont have any new pics to send today, again, not much interesting here, just walking, talk to a few people, walk some more, figure out where we are, walk some more..... thats pretty much our day, walking. By the way what does katie want for her birthday? Dont know how ill do it but i want to get her something, maybe get her something from me:)
We get about 100 dollars every month, thats about 1300 pesos, more than enough. Havent spent much.
Funny story, Elder hansen only had about 50 pesos for the rest of the month, ( and that was last week, 50 pesos is like 4 dollars!!!) He asked me for a loan and i said "Why, you have 50 pesos" his companion looked at me and said "ES POR LA PROXIMA SEMANA" (Its for next week!!!) It was really funny, its all they had between the two of them, i did lend em some pesos.
Thax for the pics of the cape, wish i could have been there. I think this family wants to go to north carolina. Not a bad place to set camp if you ask me. Well, remember to get katie something from me when it bday time, tanner too for that matter. Well, i have to go, i love you all very much, yeh even katie, especially jake, and mom already knows. I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH. Hasta luego. will talk again next week. Bye

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