Monday, July 13, 2009

Can You Believe He's Been in Mexico A Whole Month Already?

One Month in Mexico

Finally heard from Elder Guthrie. I think I refreshed the computer screen 100 times today, no exaggeration!

Here is what he had to say:

First, I asked him:
1. Where are you emailing from today?
2. How many investigators do you have now? Any more baptisms?
3. Have you rec'd any more packages? I sent the one with the little give-away toys for the kiddos and some stuff for you. Did you ever get the little over the door bb goal? (It was a really nice one and I sent a pump too for the ball)
4. Have you had a district meeting and seen any of the guys you were with at the mtc yet? How often are they?
5. Do you have an interview with the mission pres routinely?
6. How does your money work? You mentioned they give you a certain amt each month in your lds acct. It doesn't look to me like you have used any of your personal acct money, so I was wondering if you ever (on p-day) get to go shopping, like at wal mart?
7. Have you any idea how much your mama and Jake love you?

He wrote back:

1 The same members house, really nice
2 we have 5 of six, no more bautisms, YET
3 I just got the bb game, it is really nice, but no more other than that
4 every week we have a district mtg., but only elder Hansen is in my district from the mtc, and i see him all day on monday anyway
5 about once every 8 weeks, i already had one and more are coming up in about 2 weeks or so
6Yeah we get about 1100 pesos about every month, thats about 100 dollars but alot here, i just got more today and really and truly i don't need any more
7 I have an idea

He sent some pictures of his “home” too, FINALLY! I will try to post them here.

Here's the rest of our conversation:

here are some pics of "home", the picture of the sticker is on ALL of the homes, it says that "this house is catholic, we love the virgin, our church, and we don't accept protestant propaganda, some actually say we don't listen to Mormons!!! Que mas? I met a magic man the other day, we knocked on his door and started teaching, it turned into a magic show, he did some amazing things, card tricks blew my mind, I cut a rope in half and he made it whole again, don't ask me how, we also were given some magic tricks for the road. I think it was real magic!!!!

I hope you got the pics, and the responses to the questions, just another week in Mexico, the language is a little better, I pick up a few more things, I can say one or two more things, all in all it's just the way the cookie crumbles. Oh yeah, i have the reimbursement of the plane ticket, it's a check from the church, I'll send it home next week. I can't believe Frenchy is traded to the Mets, that's freaking crazy, the METS. I bet Katie pooped a goose egg. Oh well, it would have happened anyway. Remember to send me the draft news, along with other sports news by dear elders. I just got a couple of cards form Florida on Friday, but I've got some more recent ones since then.

Well, not much to write about this week, Other than the wicked magic by the magic man!!!! I love you very much, all of you, Tell jake i love him very much but do it in his native tongue. So katies car is totaled huh, what next for her, a new car? Tell her she can't have my truck, ( freak her out, act like you're keeping a secret from her, like you're talking to me on the phone and quickly hang up when she sees you) Anywho, i love you very much and ill write more this week, got to go to district mtg. I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH, hasta luego.

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