Monday, May 18, 2009

Hola madre, Como esta

Note: In Spanish, when you are asking a question you put an upside down question mark in the front of the sentence and a regular on at the end (like we do) Jordy does that when he is writing in Spanish, but I can't figure out how to get the computer to do it. (Suggestions?)
Also, for some reason lots of people are having problems posting comments, even though they can post on other blogs, can't figure that one out either!
Sorry, but the important thing is that Jordy, uh, Elder Jordan Guthrie, is having a wonderful MTC experience and is looking forward to going to Mexico and sharing the Gospel to the people of Leon. I think they are mighty lucky!

Como fue su semana? Bien? Como es mi Padre y mi Hermana? Well, today is Wednesday and we are getting a new district again today. Another apostle came and talked to us last night. Elder Nelson, mi Comanero es no mas el lidere de districto. We changed to another companionship last week. Did you say you sent my memory card back, if so where is it? Elder Roberts (Barak Obama) had an interesting chat online yesterday, the woman from Germany actually said, "Can I get baptized?" She will be going to church next week! Spanish is coming, albeit slowly. We teach the second lesson this week en solo espanol. By the way, the sole of these new shoes split, they're still comfortable, but my feet will get wet really easy. I think that I'm going to need another pair of shoes soon. Maybe you could send them to me, 10 1/2 wide would be best remember. I'll be talking to you on the computer in about 2 hrs.
I love you very much. Tell Dad, Katie, G'ma, JAKE, Jessie, Deena, Tanner and Ethan I love them too.

I love you very much
Elder Jordan Guthrie

The picture is of Jordy (Elder Guthrie), Uncle Joel (that's President Hancock to you!), and Kevin (Bishop Nelson) at Raleigh Temple on the day Jordy got his personal endowments. Jordy travels in some pretty prestigious circles!

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  1. Hey Lisa,

    I know that there are a handful of different ways that your comment moderation boxes can be set up by the site administrator. Let me tell you how mine is set - because I can tell it is different from yours, and it MAY be able to eliminate the problem.

    Go into "Settings" then "Comments." All 7 of my first choices are set to select the first option. Next, set timestamp, as you wish... And my next box is empty... There are 4 more bold sections - Comment Moderation - I have set to "Never." Word Verification - I have it set to "Yes." Profile Images - I have it set to "Yes." And lastly, there's the notification email box, so I've put in my hotmail address, which I check most often, so I'll know when anyone has made a comment on my blog, even on posts from way back. It took me a while to figure that one out, but it's quite handy! Then, of course, Save settings.

    I hope this works!