Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Emails from Elder Jordy Guthrie, May 20th, NINE WEEKS at MTC!!

Here's the hi-lights........He sounds a little bit down this week, but then he has been sick this week, so that is probably part of it. His group was scheduled to leave for Leon this coming Monday, but their Visas haven't come through yet, so it looks doubtful. IF he does go he will have a lay-over at Dallas airport, where he will get to phone home. If he doesn't get to go, he thinks he will get to phone home and let us know he is delayed. It will be a short call, just for that purpose, but either way, maybe I will get to hear his voice Monday!!!
Here are his emails, unedited, so overlook the errors in grammar. In a hurry, I guess!

1. Well, ive been entertaining poor heath since monday, a sore thoat and a little bit of a fever. Hopefully i will be able to get rid of it by tomorow. My companion has been going to physical therapy for the last couple of days so iv got to see at least a little bit of the outside world. Its soo strange that everybody is members of the church here. Tell katie she has really fell down on her braves job. Did she get my letter?

2. We recieved our flight plans, they're not much good unless we get our visas though. We would go though Dallas airport somewhere around 9:30 and be there for about 2.5 hours, Call time. But, we havent got our visas yet soo...... Ill ask around about the calling cards and see what i can do about it. Have you started sending letters to Leon yet? that would probably be a good idea. Again, reply by dear elder. Ill be happy if i NEVER see this place again, its nice in some things but all in all it is really getting old, college was ALOT easier. Spanish is still coming, slowly but surely, just keeping on keeping on.

3. Ive actually missed home alot these last couple of days, i really had it good didnt I. All ive got to do though is just keep on going, dont count days, and do the Lords work. Its tough not having the simple comforts of home, my own shower, a hot shower, being able to sleep, seeing my family, but i know this is where im supposed to be. By the way, if we dont leave on time we will probaly be able to talk for 5 mins just to say im not leaving on time. Annother new group of missionaries came in today, im not even that awestuck any more, it just brushes of thinking whats in front of them. For some news our current teachers both served in Chile. How about you send a whole newspaper sometime, its kind of weird being so unconnected with the outside world.

4. Im getting closer and closer to Mexico every day, and yes i will be traveling with all the members of my district, plus 6 others all the way to the mission home. Im really looking forward to that first night there, they let you SLEEP IN, or so ive heard. Then we hit the streets, ill probably not be able to understand much of annything my first coulple of months there, just from what others have told us, but it eventually comes. No NC fans in the latest addition to our Zone, though one is from Virginia. A member from the quorum of the seventy talked to us last night, a wonderful talk. We have switched scheduals to "Last Week" sheduals, were almost there, hopefully....

5. Ill probaly try and send some packages home tomorrow or the next day, got to get the weight down on my lugguge. Thanks for the airtight packages by the way, im sure they are going to be a big help. This week has been really buisy soo far, not alot of time to do anything, just annother week at the MTC though. Ive got to go, I love you very Much, oh yeah LE AMO means i love you. Until our call i guess, I love you VERY MUCH, see you (when i see you). Bye!!!!


  1. Let's see if this posts... Lisa, Elder Guthrie sounds like he's ready to get on with his mission!!! Bless his heart, maybe his visa will come in a day or two and they can be on schedule to depart! How exciting. I am so happy that he's almost to Mexico, and I know you will love hearing his voice next week.

    Love you all.

  2. yea! It almost didn't work... I had to sign into my google account before it would post. Maybe that will help those who are not getting their comments to post.