Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Elder Guthrie's Emails today!!!

I thought everyone might like to hear (or see) what Jordy had to say today. He sounds better today than last week, when I detected a little bit of 'stir-crazy' in him.

Here they are, and remember, spelling has never been Jordy's strong suit.

Hope you enjoy, I know I did.

Jordy's Emails Today!!!!!!

The new district is all going stateside, we are getting another one today, we are going to have a really big zone. Only my district and 6 more from another are going to Leon. Probably wont be another bunch for some time because they are sending soo many of us to Leon. Its actually kind of wierd to have a whole district going to the same place, and even wierder for more than a district to go to the same place.

All in all this week has been going by really fast, i was talking with Elder mouritsen today and thinking that 2 p-days from now will be a mexican p-day!!!! Time is really going by really fast, there are not enough hours in a day to get all the things done we need to get done. Spanish is coming, albeit slowly. I really never though about the "Direct Objects" Reflexives, Preterite...... I just thought i would have to learn vocab but NOOOO, the structure is even more important than the vocab to a degree. But yes its coming along, 6 months from now i will be able to pretty much understand and say anything i want to. Just keeping on Keeping on.... 15 mins left.

By the way, yo neccesito nuevos zapidos (i need new shoes) 10 & 1/2 wide would be best

Katie has a letter on the way, i think she will like it:) Tell dad not to tear up my boat. Tell tanner to do.........something. Oh yeah, send me a cheaper digital watch before i go, i might want to wear that instead of the 100+ watch im wearing now, i really dont want to have to fight some little mexican over this watch (which i will). 12 mins left!!!! also, did you send me my memory card back, if so which box was it in? Im getting a little worried about it. I received a box just a few minutes ago from you, i dont know whats in it yet because i havent had a chance to open it. Give Jake a hug from me please. (and jessie too if you can pick her up) Send me a Whole news paper once just soo i can get some normal looking stuff. Tell katie to pick it up on the Braves news, im anxiously anticipating every letter i get abour the ole' bravos.8 mins left.

Still no response as of yet, looks like is more "dear elder" responses. We'll be able to talk on the phone in about 1 and a half weeks. We're hoping to get our visas any day now. When we do we go all the way to Salt Lake to the Mexican embasy to sign them. We'll all just be looking in awe at the world and all its fancy lights. 6 mins left. Im not as sick of this place as i was last week, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just laugh at the elders who have been here a week and act like theyve been here forever, i walk up to them and say "iv been here 8 weeks!!!!" That shuts em up, then they just look in awe.

2 mins left, by the way i neen mas zapidos!!! We cant do baptisms in the temple, that would to be done for the person before we could do our stuff by the way. 1 min. I love you very much ma, i talk with you before too long. i think about you every day, give jake a kiss for me. I love you, I love you......................................................................................... 10 secs bye



  1. He does sound pretty good this week Lisa!! You will love to hear his voice in a couple of weeks, and you will be surprised how different he sounds.

    Congratulations, Elder Guthrie- You're almost there!!

  2. I love it. Jordan is so special to us all. I love the way he counts down in his email. I cannot help but cry a little and then laugh a little. Keep it up!