Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mexico Mission Re-opens!

During Jordy's 30 minute computer time this week he told me that all Mexican missions were again opened. He assured me that Church leadership are staying on top of all the flu news and will be cautious, but he did say that they (MTC leaders?) say that the whole swine flu has been overexaggerated.
I also got a mother's day card from my missionary boy today. Here it is...remember, this was written on Sunday, so the news about the mission reopening apparently wasn't available yet.

Hola Madre!
Well, its Sunday afternoon and I just got back from a Temple walk. It's been fairly good weather here for this week. I'm not sure if I told you but tie-trading is caput. MTC presidency doesn't want anything that becomes a tradition. This week has been my first week with our new district teachers, we all really miss Hermano Williams and Hermana Rivera, but we have learned alot so far from Hermano Swenson and Hermano Del Torro (whose name means "of the bull") I have to say I'm getting really sick of this place. Two Elders from the district that got here 3 weeks before us are leaving for Texas tomorrow morning, the rest of the district is being delayed until this Mexico swine flu thing passes over (because they're going to Mexico City). Also, I've only got 94 pages left to go in el libro de Mormon. I read 42 pages this morning! (I bet nobody in my Sunday School class is beating me now!) Thanks for the pictures you sent. I taped them up on the wall beside my desk.
I taught the first lesson of "Preach My Gospel" entirely en Espanol on Friday. I'm still not comfortable saying alot but I can understand most of what our teachers are saying in class. We're getting a new district this Wednesday, (8 Elders and 2 Sisters) we're all pretty excited for that, no longer the newbies and all.
We're hoping for another Apostle to talk with us in the next 2 weeks, we're almost certain to get one before we leave.
On the next page I'll be bearing my testimony en Espanol, see if you and Deena can translate without help!

Dios es nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial, Dios nos ama mucho, JesaCristo es el hijo de Dios y nuestro Hermano. Dios Tiene up plan por nosotros Mediante el plan de Dios Podemos ser con nuestros familias para sempre. El evangelio de JesuCristo es resturado en la tierra. El libro de Mormon y la Biblia es las Palabras de Dios. Jose Smith fue y es un Profeta de Dios al Tomas S Monson es un Profeta hoy En el nombre de JesuChristo, Amen

Hope you do well,
Elder Jordan L Guthrie

NOTE: I don't know if all the Spanish is spelled right or not. Jordy is terrific at a lot of things, but spelling has never been one of them. I can correct his English, but now we are charting new waters, so I've done the best I can!

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  1. What a fabulous letter! The spanish looks pretty good to me too. Elder Guthrie makes us proud, don't you think??

    Lisa, thanks for sharing all of this with us.