Monday, November 9, 2009

Transferred to Silao, Mexico

Well, just as Elder Guthrie suspected....He has been transferred to a new area. I was waiting to hear from him today and when he didn't come online when he usually does I began to wonder if he had indeed been transferred. Just now I received an email from his old companion, Elder Adan Gonzalez, who confirmed that Jordy has indeed been transferred and had asked him to send me a quick email telling me he would write when he gets a chance...and not to worry. He said Elder Guthrie is doing great.
So, that is the latest. I am destined to sit here and stare at this computer until I hear from Elder Guthrie. I sure hope it is soon! are some pictures from last week. The table is from Mexico's recent celebration called "Day of the Dead" where they set up memorials to their dead. Jordy described it as being "pretty neat".
Sorry no postings lately, but I will work on that!

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