Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A 5 Minute Phone Call Can Make You Cry!

OK, so I THOUGHT I had posted on here about Jordy's phone call.....I wrote it, but where is it? Is it out there in cyberspace??????
Anyway, there's a new post for today so that is old news. Here's the Reader's Digest version.....Jordy was supposed to leave (estimated date of departure) on May 25th and he emailed me all the particulars of his flight, when he would call from Texas airport, etc. etc. Then he said that he might be delayed, and if so he MIGHT be able to call me and let me know.
Fast forward to the Sunday before Monday, May 25th. Katie and I are home and the phone rings. I look at the caller idea and see that it is an 801 number.....hmmmm, could that be my boy? I answer to, "Hola, Madre" and immediately start crying..yep, you know me. Luckily Katie is upstairs and picks up the phone and fills in the gap, because he only has 5 minutes! It was so nice to hear his voice, that voice I had not heard in over 2 months. He's delayed.......and 5 minutes goes by way too fast!

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