Monday, June 22, 2009

Week One in Leon!

Finally got an email from Jordy! He sounds good. I'd been gone all week and just missed his emails. Deena had been checking all day for me while she was at work, but he apparently emailed us a little after 5pm so she missed him. I got home around 6pm so I just missed him too. Oh, well, here is Jordy's email, his FIRST from Leon...

this keyboard is weird, but i have now one week in Mexico!!! Ive already witnessed one baptism, and since ive been here my companion and I have commited 8 more people to baptism. Now when I say my companion and I, I of course mean my companion because i just sit there, probably looking stupid, having no clue where i am, where im going, how i got here, and having NO clue what is being said. Yep, i think maybe i was in the wronge class at the MTC because they did NOT teach me this language. When people talk about churchy stuff i can mostly hold my own, but as soon as they drift off anywhere, its la la land. The plane ride over here wasnt all that bad, kind of liked it, had the window seat the whole time, we spent the first night at the mission home, it was like a little america, I have been assighned to San Louis Potosi, not sure that is how you spell it. My companion is a native,but he spent three years in New york so we can get talking in both languages egnough to understand most of the time. Just like at the mtc we get up at 630 and get ready, for about two hours its study stuff. Then we hit the streets of Mexico, the Fresno 2 area, it is HOTer than a blazing saddles, Things here are dirt cheap, most things after you think about it are less than an american dollar, we get about 1000 pesos every month, that seems like alot here but in america its about 100 dollars, probably less. Mexico all in all is not what i thought it would be, it actually looks like alot of american cities here, they have macdonalds, coke, home depot, all that, it really looks alot like washington DC here, exept everyone is catholic. They have a giant catholic church in the center of the city about 300 years old. Ive taken pictures today, Today actually isnt all that bad, its not hot, just annother day in Mexico, I guess this is probably the easiest way to communicate, mailing should take about 2 to three weeks. Havent understood a word since i got here. Elder bednar did come on friday, all the missionaries in the Leon mission were there, he asked all the missionaries to raise their hands who were at the MTC on tuesday, so the twelve of us raised our hands. I was sitting really close. After the meeting i shook his hand, i have to admit its a little weird. Ill end this email and send annother.
Well i really dont know what to say, the food is very different, i personally havent gotten sick yet but my companion promises me that I will. My companion from the MTC, who is somewhere in San Louis also is sick, Elder Hansen, who was in the MTC with me is in my same district here and was sick. But not me, YET. Mexico is different, dont get me wrong, but its not like you picture it, its really just annother part of the world. So whats happening on our end, anything? I have to go, I love you all and Ill try to think about what to say for next week befor i go. I love you very much, I think about you allways, especially you Jake, Mom too. I love you Bye

Well, I am off to research San Louis Potosi.......can't wait until next Monday!

Lisa Guthrie
mm to Elder Jordan Guthrie, Leon Mex 4/09-4/11

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