Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jordy is Going To Mexico

Well, the time is FINALLY here, and Jordy is off to Mexico. Here are his emails from today. He sounds decidedly more upbeat. He is excited for sure! As you can imagine, we are excited for him and a little apprehensive too. We know that Jordy will ge a great missionary and the days, weeks, and months will go by so much faster now. BTW....I am off to send a package to Mexico...I will make sure you all have the address too because he sounds like he is expecting to get some Mexican mail!

Here's what Jordy has to say.....

Alright, here is the news... I have my flight plans and Im leaving the MTC at 3am on monday morning. We just got them today. We leave Salt lake on American Airlines flight AA 416 and arrive in Dallas TX at 9:33, (like they really know that), we will leave Dallas at 12:15, so that gives us about 2 hours to call, not alot of time if you ask me. The other distict going to tampico got their flight plans today and are leaving Friday morning, can you beleive that, they were numericaly after us and are leaving befor us!!! Yep, im going to mexico. Ill arrive at Leon airport at opx. 2:40 monday afternoon.

We'll we get to talk for another 5 Minutes just to tell you when im leaving. I hope tonigt is ok, Ill try to call around 6 pm this time, don't have time to do all the math you figure it out what it is your time. Make sure you're there k. (Ill try and steal an extra minute or two) I gotta admit Im a little exited right now, we went on monday to sign for our visas in the Mexican consolate in Salt lake, everything was in spanish even the newspapers, and i could read most of it. It was talking about Barak Obama appointing a latin to the supreme courte or something. Yep, ive got my visa, ive got my flight plans, and im leaving on monday, "Im leavin' on a jet plane, dont know when Ill be back again". We get to talk for two hours monday, and remember ~5 minutes tonight!!!

I actually haven't been sending new emails because im always afraid ill mistype the address, that would not be good. 14 mins left. From somewhere around 9:30 to 12:15 on monday we will be able to talk, i have the phone card and im ready to go. Also remember at 6 pm tonight my time Ill try to call home, no promises though on the time or even that it will happen tonight but I will try my best. I liked the song by the way, send me some more videos again, it's almost like being home for a little while. I guess you all have been sending alot of stuff to mexico already, my mission pres. will probably just look at me funny as he hands me card after card im sure. 9 mins left. Yep, all 12 Elders going to Leon will be leaving together, Im a little nervous, a little exited, a little curious,.............................. Yep, going to Mexico, ill send you a postcard or something.

Again AA flight # 416 on monday morning at 6am from SL to Dallas landing at 9:33am, (Talking, Crying, Laughing...) , AA flight # 3211 from Dallas to Leon Mx. from 12:15 to 2:40. And again Ill try to call tonight at around 6pm MY time, be ready but no promises. Oh yeah, I can't remember if you're back yet from orientation, I hope so. 3 mins left, have Q's ready for me, and have someone who can say them without crying. 2 mins left. I love you all, Mom, Dad, Ksua, Gma, JAKE, .......................................................................................................................................................................... Cant think of anything right now, Ill be sending stuff home soon, Ill probably be sending some luggage home too, they say you can do that soo i will, get katie to send me the words to that song from me, myself and Irene, its killing me. I love you all, talk to you SOON. 3 secs left. Be ready. Bye. Again i love you all, especially Jake.

Again, Here is the address you will need. Make sure if you send it via pouch service you read what is acceptable to send.
Family and friends are advised to send letters to the mission office through the "pouch" service once he gets to Mexico. The address will be:

Elder Jordan Lane Guthrie
Mexico Leon Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

IMPT: The Church provides pouch mail service to countries where other mail service may not be reliable. Each country regulates this service differently. To prevent possible fines or discontinuation of pouch service, only Postcards and letters that are single sheet, folded into three-panels, and taped at the top only (on envelopes), may be sent through the pouch.


Elder Jordan Lane Guthrie
Mexico Leon Mission
Calle Torre Vieja #128
Col. Aride
37360 Leon, Guanajuato


  1. I love that he wants you to have questions ready, but more importantly he wants someone who can ask them without crying! Bless hearts!

  2. Did your Elder G call last night?? Lisa, all I can tell you is not to worry about the tears. I've probably told you this, I could not even ask the blessing on the food without crying... jeepers.

    It's ok. We mamas understand.

  3. That is all such good news. Terry and his boys are going to Mexico leaving 13th coming home 18. So proud of you elder Hancock