Saturday, June 13, 2009

Letter from a Leon Mom!

As many of you may know, I joined an email group of mothers with sons in/going to/ or returned from Mexican missions. There are very few with Leon connections, but I did get a letter today from a mother who's son is a few months ahead of Jordy. I asked her if I could share her letter and she said OK, so here it is.

Letter from a Leon Mom


My son is in Leon. I email him every Sunday and then I copy and paste it into DearElder, that way he eventually gets the email in writing to re-read whenever he wants. His grandparents also use DearElder to write to him. It does take a few weeks to get there and depending on where they are in the Mission it can take a few weeks more to get it to them. The same with packages. He just got a package from me in about 4 weeks, which was actually pretty good. He is now close to the mission home so he can pick them up as soon as they get there.

The package got there and nothing seemed to be missing. I sent him a list of the contents through DearElder. I even sent an electric toothbrush. I sent it using the flat rate box from USPS and I did put pictures of Mary on the side of the box. (I just searched online and printed them out and stuck them on the box with clear packing tape.)

As a side note, just to be prepared. When he first arrived in Leon I didn't hear from him at all until the next Monday. No letter from the Mission President either. He'll be fine... Let me know where is he and who his companion is, there are some wonderful missionaries there. They just had a goal for the month of May to have 300 baptisms and they had 355! Elder Bednar is coming to speak to them on Tuesday because they met their goal. Just think, your son will be there just in time for that. How wonderful!

Jay has had hot water in each of his apartments. As far as I know (Mom's are not told everything) he only has one problem with theft and that was that his house was broken into. They stole all their electronics--which for missionares is not much! Just his 6 year-old CD player with plug in speakers and his electric toothbrush. He was most concerned with the toothbrush, which is why I sent him another one. They mostly live in little houses, which are very inexpensive to rent. I wouldn't worry about telling him the conditions. He'll see soon enough and he will adapt. Those boys/men will certainly come home with a new appreciation for all that they have....

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