Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Except im 1700 miles away in a suit coat!!!!!!!

Here's the news this week (Jun3)
All in all, I think he sounds better, and there is a glimmer of hope that he will be leaving the MTC sometime in the not so distant future! Here's what Jordy had to say.....remember, most of the time he is responding to my DearElder letters where I send him a bunch of questions to answer, because he never receives my emails on the day he is posting. You can figure it out though.

Jun 3 messages from Jordy
Ok here are some answers to your Dear Elder. The whole MTC is on swine flu alert, one member of our zone is in 5 day quarantine right now. It's kind of weird, no shaking hands..... I did get the other pair of shoes and I like them alot, I mean they're rockports, what's not to like? I just started to get things organized today, I'll probably be sending home a suitcase, I'll be putting some things in there, I'll also send home that big coat of Bill Boy's so you can have more time to send it off to him. I'll see what I want to keep and just sort it out. I'll send all my letters home probably this week some time. Im feeling alot better, I've been sick mas o menos for about 2 weeks but I've been to the med centre and got some pills that seem to be working. I really don't need anything right now, in fact I think I've got too much right now. My companion just has back pain and that is why we go to a doc, our schedule isn't that different, we're just teaching in spanish about 5 times a day. One of our Teachers, Hermano(Brother) Swenson has the Swine Flu so he won't be here all this week. We still go to the RC, a couple members of my district have made spanish calls but I have not yet. And no mom, I don't think I can ever comprehend how much you love me.

The gym was closed because they were redoing the floor, it's open again now. We got some sister missionaries in our zone 3 weeks ago, we see them around all the time and we sit with them at lunch

So, right now there are three people from our zone going to get their visas today, that is a big change, the wheels are moving. There is at least a decent possibility that our turn will be tomorrow, if so we may leave on monday. If we do I'll get to call you, I'll try to make it on Sunday again. I can't wait until we get to talk again. 10 mins left. Again respond with DE. So, is Katie graduated now, or is it in 2 days, it's soo weird to think about. How are things going over at the Shop, what are you and Gma, Jake and Jessie doing these days? My favorite part of the Year is coming up, Summer, except I'm 1700 miles away in a suit coat!!!!!!! Has Dad gone fishing alot lately, has he been catching anything? Besides from the bathroom, what other news. Gacious for the newspaper, send me a national one when you get a chance. 6 mins left. I'll also probably send home my nice pair of sunglasses, keep 'em safe for me.

This will probably be the last letter. 5mins left. I was thinking of Home alot in the last couple of days, it seems my spirits go up and down from thinking how short 2 years are to thinking how long 2 years are. Whatever happens I know I'll be home before too long, I miss you alot, I'll try to write you today. Tell Dad, Katie, Gma, Jake, .... that I love them very much. And I love you very much. Always the hardest part of being here is that you're not. 2 mins left. We might leave Monday or stay another week. I love you very Much!!!! I really can't think about any more to say. Don't worry about me, again, I love you very much, I think about you every day, time to go get clothes, until we talk or write again. Bye

Lisa writing, that is today's news. What do you think? I think I am worried about him being right in the middle of a whole lot of Swine Flu! Oh me, when I thought about Jordy going on a mission this kind of thing never once entered my mind.
On a positive note, I do think he sounds better this week. It is amazing what at least a HOPE of Visas coming through and getting on with their mission can do for their spirits.
I know if you are reading this that you already do, but keep the people of Mexico, the missionaries worldwide, and especially Elder Jordan Lane Guthrie in your prayers. Until next time........

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