Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letter from Mother with Son in Jordy's Mission!

I shared Jordy's firts email from Mexico with the moms who I communicate with, Moms all with sons in various parts of Mexico. They have kept me sane at times. Here is a letter from a mother who's son is at the end of his Leon Mission. I hope jordy gets to meet him before he goes.
Here it is;

When I read you son's email I laughed till I cried, I could have replaced it with the one my sons sent home that first week, they were so similar. Oh, the keyboards are different so don't worry about the spelling or pucuation. It will get worse. Anyway, My son Elder Thomas is a district leader in your sons area. Maybe they know each other.
My son will be coming home on July 4th (his favorite holiday) and living in Mexico he has certainly gained a greater appreciation for the USA. We are very excited!!!!
I just wanted to share with you what will happen to your son. This is from Jared's email:

"O a funny thing that happened,when Bednar came he ask for commentaries about what he was saying and i stood up and made a comment, but o man i could not speak english. i cant hardly speak english when it has anything to do with the church because the words come to my mind in spanish first. he actually didnt understand what i was trying to say. but i mumbled some other words and he understood. it was funny another american that has the same time that i do in the mission started to make a comment in english but he was like umm its easier in spanish. haha so he said it in spanish and let the translator translate it hahah. o man what has happened to me.

I currently have another son serving in Chile, he has only been out six months, and is just now feeling confident with the language. I reminded him of our Chirstmas call how we all laughed at Jared (the son in Mexico) sounding like a Mexican trying to speak English. Having a son on a mission has been such a blessing to him as well as our family. Don't worry, he is in good hands. Enjoy each week seeing the progress and excitement you will see in your missionaries emails. There will be some rough times for him, but just be encouraging and confident for him.

Sarah Thomas--North Carolina Does Anyone know her?

Elder Jared Thomas, Leon Mexico 7/07--7/09
Elder Ethan Thomas, Antofagasta Chile, 1/09--1/11

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