Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Week, Big News

Elder Guthrie had big news this week. Not only was he transferred, but he has a new position/calling/title. Call it what you will, regardless, his mama is extra proud of him today.

Here's today's "letter", including a copy of the letter (after Google Translate did it's job!) he wrote to his MP.

Elder Guthrie writes:

hey, you know who it is, of course you do, anywho im here in celaya in a new area, don't even know who my companion will be yet, this computer is REALLY slow, so this will be our only form of communication. Also, i am now district leader, not sure what i did to tick of the pres. but here i am. Im opening the area, so neither me nor my comp. will know anything about here. Celaya is kinda close to Irapuato. I left at 7o'clock in the morning. I've sent some pics to you, i still don't know who my companion is or will be, he is supposed to come a little later. Like i did in siloa and in irapuato, i am opening the area, so neither of us will know where we are for a little bit. Also like i said i am now district leader, so there comes alot of responsibility my way. But ill just do whatever i can do, not gonna lie, im a little nervous about the whole situation but ni modo(oh well) gotta do it. ONLY got 4 changes left including this one. The pictures are of Elder Richards, my ex comp, elder tenny with the red shirt, and elder gartner.

You can tell he is nervous, but I know he is the Elder the Lord wants for the job right now. I know he can do it. It sounds to me like his MP places a great deal of trust in Jordy, and I am sure it is because of the work he sees Jordy doing. I know Elder Guthrie will have so many stories when he gets home. I know his mission has not been an easy one, and Elder Guthrie was not expecting it to be. I am proud of him every day, but especially so today.
Again, thank all of you for following him and praying for him and the people of Mexico.


  1. Congratulations to the new District Leader. I trust that when you are called upon to conduct meetings and train others you will be able think back to how you saw it done at your home ward and stake and know that we did it right! You make us all proud, and please know that some of us are standing behind you and ready to whisper in your ear should you ever need us. Uncle Joel

  2. Congratulations Jordy!!! I am very, very proud of you. You obviously were chosen to be a leader because of the work that you have done so far.
    Ms. Jackie

  3. I am so proud of your Jordan and proud for your parents. What a great person you are>