Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7, 2010

Elder Guthrie spent a couple of days in Leon this past week for some DL training. I always love to hear he has been to Leon, because I know he'll get any packages I've sent, and this time he got THREE! Plus, he got to see some of his "generation" too. He said there weren't enough beds in the mission home to accommodate everyone so Elder Mouritsen (his MTC companion) told him he had an extra bed. Jordy was funny telling the story, saying that it was just a ruse, b/c Mouritsen simply wanted to get into what he knew would be some of the good candy that always comes in Jordy's boxes from home.
That's him and Mouritsen messing with the big Mexican hat.
On the homefront, we are starting to get busy in preparation for our trip to Mexico. About half of us have already gotten our passports in the mail, with Katie and Ethan going next week to get theirs underway. I have called Mission Travel in SLC and they advised me to contact the Leon Travel office and see when Jordy's official exit date is. Awaiting that information now. EXCITING!!!
Enjoy the pictures, I know I did!

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  1. Love the hat. Jordan almost looks like a Mexican (well, at least he can talk like one)!!