Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FINALLY We Can Say It.......

Elder Guthrie will be home NEXT MONTH!! Yes, it is just the 2nd of February,and he will likely not be leaving Mexico until around the 28th, so a full two months, but still it is NEXT MONTH!
Not a lot of exciting things going on in Celaya lately. There were a couple of slow weeks but this Monday he reported a baptism last week and one coming up this week. He seems to really like the ward he is in now and the bishop seems really nice to the missionaries. Mondays are the only days they don't eat with members and the bishop has given them money to go out to eat several times.
We are really getting excited about Jordan's return. Most of you know we have decided NOT to travel to Mexico and fly back with Elder Guthrie. It's kind of a long story, but it was going to cost a boat-load of money and when we really talked to Jordy about it he was more than fine with us just meeting him at the airport. (of course, by "talk" I mean "chat") Our wonderful bishop, Bishop Nelson, upon hearing the news shared with us that he was actually happy with our decision. Being an RM (Returned Missionary) he said being able to actually travel HOME with your generation was a very special time in a missionary's life. Another definition here, in missionary lingo "generation" refers to all the missionaries in one's group, from DAY ONE they have been together. Jordy's generation consists of about 16 missionaries total. I think I am right with that number, but I will verify with Elder Guthrie.
So, enough of me rambling on. Now on to the good part....PICTURES!!!!!!


  1. Can't believe it. And in just a week it will be March!!! Excitement in the air!