Monday, February 22, 2010

I've Done it Again!

Remember when I got the first call from Pres Cox, way back when Jordy first left for his mission? It came as a response to a letter I wrote to Pres and Sis Cox introducing our family to them. I guess I may have sounded a little frightened for Jordy to be going to a country with so much bad stuff going on. (Let's just say I am glad he is FAR from the border!) Anyway, I got that call and it made me feel so much better.
Fast forward to last night/this morning around 4am. Randy's cell phone starts to ring and every time he would answer it, the reception was so poor the call would be lost. Once he heard just enough to know that it sounded like someone speaking Spanish. Great! So we jump into action.
Fast forward to this morning, around ten, phone rings. Caller ID says, California Call, and I am pretty sure it is Pres Cox. Seems he got a call from his daughter and she tells him to check his blog because a missionary mom really needed a call.
The good news is that Pres Cox tells me that Elder Guthrie is doing really great, that "he has the language" and is doing a wonderful job. Thank the Lord!
Oh, the REST OF THE STORY is that Deena did some snooping and it appears the car originated from Kenya.....go figure!

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