Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympics 2014.....Broom Balancing?

Elder Guthrie didn't have much time to chat today. He is a little stressed out while adjusting to his Senior companion duties, but he still sounds upbeat and enjoyed "talking" to Katie about what's going on with all his favorite sports teams.
He had a baptism this week and sent a picture, which is always good. I will also attempt to add a short video. Hopefully it will work and you can see for yourself what a talented son I have.
mm to Elder Jordy Guthrie


  1. Mad skills! Maybe one day he can balance babies on one hand like Uncle Mike used to do!

  2. Carter has requested that we watch this over and over and over... He says, "that's his neck!"

    Jordan looks GREAT!!!

  3. Yea!! Jordan looks wonderful!! So happy. I agree with Em's comment. I guess that will be a good day too.

  4. Jordan I am so proud of you. And yes you look great. I always knew you could do great things.