Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome New Missionary President!

Recently a mom on a Missionary Mom email group I am a member of mentioned that the MTC drop-off, that DREADED Wednesday, procedure had changed. I am attaching the email I sent when I read this bit of news.

Hello Moms,
Someone said they changed the check-in procedure? Don't they have the "sacrament-style" meeting anymore, where we all gathered in the MTC chapel and heard from their Mission President and sung a few songs and THEN said goodbye? It sounds a bit like maybe that is all gone now and you simply drop them off at the curb.
I remember that moment so well. I pulled up to the curb and my missionary got out and started unpacking his luggage, with the help of a very kind older gentleman volunteer. In their packet, they were told to have their vaccination card readily accessible, and I knew right where it was. Problem was, I was sitting behind the wheel crying. I remember so clearly Jordy knocking on the window. When I put the window down, he said, "Ma, I know you've got a lot on you right now, but do you know where my vaccination card is?" That kind of knocked me back to reality. He knew I was sad b/c I was crying...but I needed to show him that along with that sadness, this day was bringing me my greatest joy, literally since the day he was born. So I dried up my tears (with some divine help) and did fantastic the rest of the time we had together that day. (Just ask my sister, Deena)
Maybe that moment when we were told to say "goodbye" is something some parents would rather forgo, but for me seeing all those handsome young men in the white shirts and dark suits and brand new name tags walk down that hall together towards their destiny is a moment I will never forget...and one I will forever hold dear.
Now my missionary has been out for nearly 16 months and I am eagerly anticipating seeing him walk down another hall: Only this time he will be coming my way!!!!!
Congratulations to all you new moms (and repeating ones) who will drop your sons off soon. I started to say "good luck" but we are already the luckiest moms in the world to have sons willing and worthy to serve the Lord on missions.
Sis Lisa Guthrie
mm to Elder Jordan L Guthrie, Leon Mex 3/09-3/11

**As for news from Elder Guthrie....He is always so busy! There is much missionary work to be done in Mexico! This Tuesday he was suppose to have FIVE baptisms and a prospect of 5 more soon.
He has "met" his new MP, but only informally, no interviews yet. I would dearly love to send Pres Karim DelValle (sp?) a copy of Strengthened by the Storm, a book my Uncle Joel wrote about the Mormons coming to Harkers Island and surrounding communities, but I don't think he speaks English. (I need a Spanish version!)
Otherwise, Elder Guthrie continues to do wonderfully. He has been out nearly 17 months now, can you believe it?!


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