Monday, June 28, 2010

Always Busy.....But that's a good thing

Once again, I wait all day for Elder Guthrie, only to find that he is late for a meeting and won't be able to chat for long. I know all you other moms will understand when I say that just "hearing" him for a second is all it take to make my week. That tells me he is indeed doing well, and a busy missionary is indeed a very good thing.

He had a computer that would not cooperate today, but he did get to send a picture of his whole mission, taken at the Pres Cox farewell. I asked him why he didn't smile! I found him right away...can you?


  1. I found him! And I love him! :)

  2. Easy to find him - most handsome one there.

  3. 5th row back- right hand side!!! He looks so wonderful. I am looking forward to our Primary activity Friday evening so we can honor our missionary!!