Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Something Else To Worry About.....

So, Elder Guthrie completed his training in Leon and is back in his area. The second line of our "chat" today was "I've been sick this week too". I suppose you can guess what ninety percent of our correspondences was about for the rest of our time!
I say "chat" because we have come to accept that there isn't a computer in Mexico that is going to stay online for over 2-3 minutes at a time, so Jordy is constantly going and coming. We can deal with it for a little over FOUR MORE MONTHS though.

He has had an intestinal infection, according to the doctor he saw in Leon. He reported that he woke up Tuesday night and said, "Ut oh" and has been sick since. We begged him for his Mission president's phone number, but he reminded me that since he doesn't speak English that won't be of much help. Then I begged (and I don't use that word lightly, I REALLY did BEG) for his MP's email address. No luck there, either. Jordy emails him through a link on his LDS email. Just between you and me, I am not giving up on contacting SOMEONE who can tell me how my boy is doing. Call me an overprotective mother if you want. Chances are we have all been called far worse!

Enjoy the pictures. The first one is Elder Guthrie goofing off. The other two were taken this week at the leadership training in Leon. Personally, I think Jordy looks a little sick in them. The tall blond guy is Elder Mouritsen, Jordy's MTC companion. I mentioned that he looked thinner too, since the days in the MTC. Jordy said he definitely was and explained that Elder Mouritsen has had Dengue fever and was even in the hospital with it. I guess it is a given that if you are a missionary in Mexico (insert any 3rd world country) you are going to be sick at some point in your mission. I have a feeling I am going to have a L-O-N-G week.

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