Monday, November 15, 2010

"I am REALLY beginning to hate Mexican food"...A Direct Quote

This was a much better week for Elder Guthrie. He had a baptism Saturday and reports that he feels much better. Still not much of an appetite though. Notice the picture of him and the 2 missionaries sitting at the restaurant...he doesn't even seem to have a plate in front of him. It does, however, look like he is eating one of Grandma's or Aunt Susan's light bread biscuits! Somehow I feel it just doesn't taste the same!
Enjoy the pictures. I'm including one of Elder Guthrie posing with Antonio at the baptism, a bunch taken at the restaurant, and one of his desk...notice the smaller fan, much easier to transport from area to area. Maybe it's just me, but I think he is a pretty boy! (Please don't ever mention that I said that to Elder Guthrie. Please.)

I have included part of his weekly letter to the Mission President, though I edited the part that just District Leader/office-type stuff:

Well, I can not put the numbers again, but we had a baptism this week. It was very good, he is 22 years, speaks English, is called Antonio, and is thinking of going on a mission.
I think the members feel the esptíritu and are going to give us references. If we help the members they are going to help. We will continue working with members and looking for good people.

Thank you very much Chairman.
Elder Guthrie

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  1. Interesting to hear about your mission. I guess you will get used to the food. We spent two months in Europe and there the food is more like or food but we did miss the deep fried foods and other unhealthy food we eat here at Harkers Island. The Mexican food seems to be too spicy for me.