Monday, March 7, 2011

21 Days to Go!

This is such an exciting time for Elder Guthrie all who love him. Last night we got a phone call from Mexico! Turns out it was Elder Roberts from Jordy's generation. He's the one that looks like Obama. He called to tell us Elder Guthrie's flight plans.(He also said that Elder Guthrie is a really good missionary.)

Jordy will leave Mexico early on the morning of March 28th and following a 4 hour layover in Texas will arrive in Raleigh at 5:40pm. Anyone who wants to be at the airport is welcomed. The next day he will see the Stake Pres and be released.
Today on the Missionary Moms website I frequent a mother titled her entry "Leon Questions" so you know I clicked on it right away. Upon reading it, I learned that her son and 9 other missionaries, currently in the MTC, got their VISAs approved and will be leaving for Leon in THREE WEEKS. It is really weird to think that just a little while ago I was that mother. Where did the 2 years go?
Enjoy the pictures. He and his companion look like they get along really well.

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