Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just DAYS to go....

There was a time when I thought this would NEVER get here....Elder Guthrie will arrive in RDU at 5:40pm on Monday, March 28th! As I write this, that is close to just FIVE DAYS FROM NOW. We are head over heels in yellow bows around here.
Anyone who can be at the airport PLEASE come. I know it is a long way to travel. We were hoping for New Bern just because more of you could be there to greet him as his feet touch NC soil for the first time in over 2 years. As for me...I'd go to Timbuktu.
From Jordy's email this week, he is busy too. Enjoy the pictures, for the end of this blog is near.

Here's his email.

here are some fotos of the week, i had to go to leon on thursday to sign some things, take pics and stuff, ill be going again this thursday, i dont know if ill just be staying there for the rest ofthe time, probably so, im gonna send a package home before leaving, and ive already almost got everything packed, bit nervous about the whole change country ordeal, but thats how the cookie crumbles i guess. enjoy the pics. Couldnt write yesterday because we ran out of time and all, washing clothes, going to the center to buy a big mexican hat and a zarape!!!! its pretty big the hat, im gonna try and sent pics home, of the big hat, sombrero, its pretty big also a convert should be receiving the preisthood next week, that would be coool, keep up the good work, whats dads number again, and see you next week

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