Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hola Ma!....A Letter from my Boy!!!

Hola Ma!
I'm glad to hear that Dad recovered his sunglasses. I received a return-to-sender letter I sent dated on the first, so sorry about that. The letter contained my schedule that I will send with this letter. Send my memory card back after you look at and erase alot of pictures. I'm way up in the letter count, averaging 4 per day. So far I've received 60 letters! I'll try to send a picture of the District later. I guess by your "Dear Elder" letter you received last Wednesday's email so, no problems there. I also received the cookies and the "Dear Elder" Easter Basket.
I've been writing in my journal every night, so someday you'll get to read about life at the MTC. By the way, those were the dullest fingernail clippers you sent me. I wasn't kidding about sending me on of those electronic yahtsee games, and maybe a bouncy ball to toss around every once in a while. All in all the MTC isn't too bad, it just gets really boring once in a while. It's a lot like prison, but in prison you already speak the language and you get visits. I'd be ready for another two weeks if I could walk around the block once.
We got to the temple every week as you will see in the schedule, so if anyone has names to do I can do them, plus I can get others in my district to help out so send 'em on. We have gym once a day, it's pretty fun. I play 4-square alot. We eat 3 times a day, obviously, but most of the day is spent in our little room learning Doctrine and Espanol. One thing that's not so good is that I haven't been getting alot of sleep, I don't know why. The bed is actually quite comfortable, I might go to the Health Cntr and get some sleeping pills. I get along great with all the members of my district, the teachers Hermano Williams and Hermana Rivera are great also. They are both students at BYU. I think I lost Mike's address so send it to me. We forgot to get my PSP out of my carry-on bag so I'll send that home in a package. I put Katie's quote about shooting stars up on the board and everyone thought it was funny. I received Tanner's recap of the game, much anticipated by the way. I'll be taking more pictures while I wait for my old memory card to return. Tell Dad I always figured that was going to happen to the boat eventually, that's why I always walked to the front when they were pulling me up.
There isn't anything I like doing but shining shoes! I've got my old ones looking good!
Our zone leader looks just like Joey Beneviedes. I'm 30-40% certain that it is him insome sort of witness protection program or something. So far Spanish is coming, but slow. I'm able to make basic introductions and understand somewhat of what people are saying.
Send me some ties that are trade-worthy (not important ones) so I can participate in some Saturday night tie trading. There are some pictures of the action on the memory card, it's actually pretty amazing. By the way, the easiest way to get the pictures of the card is to put it on Deena's camera and use the chord. Also, remember I'm in "prison" here, so some CNN style world news would be good once in a while. Tell Katie that I want Braves news, the season has got to be started by now! Elder Roberts (one of my District comrods) is the spitting image of Barack Obama. We have more Democrats in our District than Republicans, 3 Dems, 2 Repub, and the Canadian doesn't count. Once a week we go to the computer lab and answer calls, the number you see on the screen to get a free BofM or.....that's us for an hour per week. I talked to a man from Tennessee last week, it didn't go so well. I love the NC razor, how on earth did you find that!
Ma, I don't know how you could have lived here for so long, I am so sick of that mountain at our window I've had dreams of blowing it up!
We get to teack fake investigators once a week, they have this building here that looks like apartments on the inside, we actually knock on the door, introduce, and teach the lesson to them. I was so nervous my first time, but I feel I know enough now to actually teach the lesson, its still kind of strange. It's also a little strange wearing a suit all day long, but I'm getting used to it. I would kill for a Dr Pepper righ now, but luckily they have milk so I'm not going completely crazy. All in all things aren't too bad here, it's not home, but it could be alot worse. I've tried to jot down everything you'd find interesting. I want you to know that I think about you every day. Tell Dad, Katie, Jake, Gma, Deena....... that I love them very much. I love you very much Ma. Don't worry about me. I'm fine. I'll try to write again soon so be ready. I love you, Your son, Elder Jordan Guthrie
PS I'm not joking about that Yahtzee game! Peek into my Sunday School class and say hello. Leave a washclothe in our shower and don't tell Katie how it got there, just for kicks. Tell Michael "Hola Meeechelle"
Peace Out


  1. well if that wasn't the best read i've had in month's, i don't know what it!
    i'm going to send at least 3-4 ties this week - and some world news!

  2. k, i've got a little package ready to send:
    ~4 ties
    ~a few news articles printed out
    ~baggie of dum dums
    ~box of packets of crystal lite on the go - (cause it's second best to dr. pepper) (strawberry banana hunger flavor -my fave!)

    heading to the post office right now! :)