Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MTC like Prison??????

Just got a letter from Elder Guthrie. He sounded really good and it was a really good (longer) letter. He relates living in the MTC somewhat to being in prison, except, as he said, in prison you can have visitors! I will post the letter soon so all can read for yourself how good he sounds. I just wanted to get these pictures on so I decided to go ahead and post. More to come.

BTW, Jordy sent home his xD card and I immediately went to WalMart and printed them. Once I saw his pictures I sent him a letter right away to make sure he was in some of the pictures. (He wasn't in a single one!) Maybe he'll do better next time.
This is a picture of his classroom, notice the Spanish on the wall!

Lisa, aka mm to Elder Jordan L Guthrie, Leon, Mexico 3/09-3/11

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  1. Lisa, I just figured an easy way to get to this blogspot without going through an act of congress. So I will definitely check here more often to see what's going on with Jordy. I love it. Boy, do I miss him. My count is 23 months and 1 week. Love you, Aunt Fran