Thursday, April 2, 2009

ONE week and Counting

This is still Lisa.....Jordy hasn't had any computer time yet and to be honest I don't know if he will write on this for a while. I will keep it updated on what I know.

We dropped Jordy off last Wednesday and he did wonderfully! Our whole time in Utah was fantastic. We arrived near noon on Monday, Mar 23rd and encountered our first snow. We rented a car ( a life-saver)and went directly into SLC and ate at Olive Garden.

Following a quick tour of Temple Square we decided the weather was not for us so it was off to Provo. During our stay in Utah Bill Boy and his family traveled to Temple Square and we were a le to see his new little boy. He has such a nice family. Georgia stayed in the Joseph Smith Bldg with the baby while the rest of us toured the square. It was so much fun having Bill Boy as our tour guide. He knew lots of little stories that we would never have known otherwise.

You could call that day the "Visit with your Handsome Cousin Day" since, once we left Bill Boy and family we went back to Provo and Mike and his "special friend" Cheyanne (sp?) went out to eat with us and then to Wal-Mart (for the 4th time since arriving) for some last minute things.

Mike met us the next morning and it was off to the MTC.

I think one of the things I will always remember about that day is how wonderful Jordy did. When I was parked out front waiting for them to get all his luggage out I kind of lost there I sat behind the wheel boo-hooing. Suddenly there was a little tap on the window and when I looked up Jordy was standing there with one of the older gentlemen that helped with luggage and check in. I rolled the window down and Jordy said, "Ma, I know you've got a lot on you right now, but do you know where my vaccination card is?" Fortunately I did, one catastrophe averted!

After a short service, it was the time I had been dreading....time to say, "See ye later". I hugged him tight, trying to memorize every aspect of my boy. I found out it is hard to make one hug big enough to last 2 years.

As Mike, Deena and I were leaving, we passed an opened door that looked down a hall; a hall that happened to be the hall the missionaries were going down after leaving their families. I can only describe it as a postcard view, seeing all those boys in suits walking down that long hall to literally start their missions. I think I will remember that one look forever.

We got our first letter from Jordy and he sounded really good. It was written on his first day there so he didn't know much about his schedule. We do know that Wednesdays are his "P-days" so maybe we get another letter soon.

Thank you all for your support and genuine love you have shown to Jordy.


  1. Too marvelous for words. I know Jordy has hardly left your mind this week. His first letter was just great- and many more to come. I hope his classes have been good- he'll have a busy weekend with conference... bet he'll listen with new ears!!

  2. Lisa and Jordan, So proud of you both. Can only imagine the beauty of seeing so many missionaries at one time! Know we love you all.