Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jordy has an email account!

Jordy told me he would probably get a 30 min. time on the computer this Wednesday around 12 noon (his time). So, you know what I did: I stayed logged on and refreshing from about 1:30 to way past 3 o'clock (our time). No Jordy.
Then, when I got home from Young Women I checked my email and there was the email from my missionary son. It had come in around 5:30 (just as I was leaving for church).
He sounded really good. He says they have memorized a missionary theme (or something like that)in Spanish, and that he made it through 2 whole days of Conference without falling asleep. He seemed really proud of that!
I will let everyone know closer to next Wednesday about when he will be online. MAYBE we can send some emails back and forth during that 30 min timeslot...that would be too good though, eh?

Also, do all of you know about It is a really great way to correspond with him too. You just go to the site, set up an account (it's free) and type your letter. They print them a hard copy and put it in their mailbox. Jordy told me in one of his letters that he is getting them and it is working good. It is something to try and really fast.

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